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All Major Reveals and Easter Eggs In The Flash Sneak Peek

The DC FanDome 2021 premiered recently and it brought us a lot of new major reveals for the DCEU. One of the footage unveiled was that of The Flash movie. Namely, we got an entire trailer for The Flash. This turned the excitement up to 11 because this is the footage fans had been waiting for. Stick with us as we break down All Major Reveals and Easter Eggs In The Flash Sneak Peek.

We have reproduced the footage below for your perusal, take a look:


Easter Eggs In The Flash Teaser

Wayne Manor In A Taxi

The Trailer starts off with a Taxi approaching a building. The outskirts of this estate seem to be in total disarray. It is later that we find out it is the Wayne Manor but a thing to note is the gargoyle at the start of the trailer and the old gate that is identifiable by every fan of the series. This is the same Manor and the same gate we saw in Michael Keaton’s Batman movie.


The Manor

What is even more interesting than the outside is the inside of the Manor. It is broken down and covered with a thick layer of dust. Signifying that the place has been abandoned a long time ago. Or at least the above group part of it is abandoned. This is reminiscent of the similar circumstances that played out in The Flashpoint Paradox comic.


Re-igniting the Light

As soon as The Flash sees the situation which has unfolded in and around the Manor he looks for a way to re-ignite the light. He finally located a large circuit breaker. Ezra Miller, the taxi driving version, sees this and flips the breaker. This wakes up the Manor from its deep slumber and presumably also alerts Batman to the unwelcome guests in his house.


Don’t Do it Flash

The next scene we see is Flash visiting his childhood home during a time when his mother was alive. He is seen standing outside a lit home with the speed force surrounding his new suit, almost like it is interfacing with it. This version of his home is supposed to be in the past much like The Flashpoint Paradox.

Nora Allen

Eobard Thawne traveled from the 22nd century back to Barry’s childhood to murder his mother. This was one of the events that shaped The Flash into the hero he becomes. We see a woman in the trailer who can only be presumed to be Nora Allen as Barry approaches her from behind. The face is never revealed but Nora Allen (Maribel Verdu) is a good guess for the character.


Death Of the Bat?

There is a scene in the trailer where two hands reach for each other. The Hand on the left is supposed to be Barry Allen. We say this because of the yellow sleeves but the hand on the right is a bit of mystery. The fandom thinks that this is the final moment of Batman of this universe. So maybe we will get a proper exit for Michael Keaton’s caped crusader in this movie. Or maybe he’ll continue, and it is Batfleck who dies. I guess we’ll see.


The Bloody Cowl

We also get two looks at Batman’s cowl. However, it is this first one that is the most harrowing. Batman’s cowl lays on the dilapidated floor of Wayne Manor surrounded by blood. This indicates the process of Wayne’s retirement from superheroism. It seems that The Batman of this universe simply grew tired of the continuous waves of criminals.


Star Labs

Ezra Miller Flash also visits what looks like a variation of Star Labs. We cannot be sure whether it is similar to that of the CW series but the inclusion of the set pieces from the background make the location pretty obvious. What could the Flash be looking for and who?

Supergirl in trouble

There is also a scene in the trailer where we can see Sasha Calle, who plays Supergirl, laid down on a table. It is presumed by the fandom that she is either injured or poisoned by Kryptonite. Whatever the case might be it is serious enough to deter a Kryptonian so The Flash must be wary.


Jay Garrick

While we see snippets of Star Labs throughout the trailer there I a particular scene that we wish to talk about. We see a glimpse of The Flash boots but they are not the ones that are part of Ezra Miller’s costume. In fact, they look exactly like Jay Garrick’s costume boots from the golden age.

Flash Ring

There are also several instances in the trailer when we get to take a look at Flash’s ring. In the comics these rings house the costume of The Flash. On the other hand, this is their first appearance in the DCEU. We are excited to see if the filmmakers pull off a classic suit-up scene.


Flashpoint Suit

another interesting callback in the movie is the new suit that The Flash chooses to wear. It has sharper lines than what Flash normally wears but it looks like it is designed to more efficiently interface with the speed force allowing the Flash to travel through time easily. This is a callback to The Flashpoint Paradox.

Rise of The Batman

Easter Eggs In The Flash

We also get a scene where Batman is seen dawning his cowl again and getting ready to break some legs. This may be after he has been convinced by Team Flash and to do things that no one else would. There is no team without Batman, even the Flashpoint Paradox was clear about that much.


“You In?”

The Team Flash that we are getting seems to consist of two Ezra Millers and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. Yet they come to ask for Batman’s help because without Batman, even the most skilled warriors, could fall on their face. But with Batman on your side other is no possibility that is not accounted for and planned for in advance.

The Batmobile Returns!!

The final sequence of the trailer showcases something mysterious under a grays cover. Fans believe that the is the original Batmobile of Michael Keaton’s Batman. It would be nice to see the analog machine back up in action again. What do think about a super-powered vehicle and a couple of speedsters? I think their enemies should run as fast they can because if these three won’t get them, the Supergirl surely will!

Okay, these were all the references and Easter Eggs in The Flash teaser. The film arrives on November 4, 2022.

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