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10 Actors Who Got Swoll For Roles Quite Needlessly

The film industry has set the image of a character to be ripped, or a waist with a figure that would make you drool. This has resulted in actors putting an incalculable amount of time into their gym sessions. While it’s nice to see their dedication, it’s also valid to notice that their roles could be portrayed without a physique that cannot be contained in their costumes. So, here’s a list of 10 actors who got swoll quite unnecessarily for their movies.

1. Henry Cavill – Superman

Cavill’s Superman actually raised the bar unrealistically high for the role. Previously, fans were literally okay with a lean Christopher Reeve and a beefier Brandon Routh. People believed in acting skills and not a slick physique. Cavill’s body for the role is literally out of a photoshop booth. Regardless, the portrayal of the character is superb. But it could have been without that physique too.

2. Adam Driver – Kylo Ren (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)

Adam Driver played Kylo Ren, but a shirtless scene landed him in a lot of memes. He infamously got the nickname of Ben Swolo. It actually didn’t make sense that an outcast, planet-destroying Kylo Ren would care so much about his appearance. So did he open up a gym Starkiller Base and took a concentrated diet while he carried out his pans?

3. Jai Courtney – Kyle Reese (Terminator Genisys)

Once again, how would one believe that someone achieved such a chiseled body during a post-apocalyptic world? The guy was literally in a wasteland with no freedom and let alone the resources. So where did he get all that protein intake to have this kind of body?

4. Hugh Jackman – Wolverine (Post X-Men: The Last Stand)

Actors Who Got Swoll

Jackman is ripped to a level that no one can achieve for a role. I mean literally. The guy looks like a Greek God’s statue that is crafted by a master. His body kept getting better and better as he continued to play the part. And now, Jackman says that he is too old for such long and draining gym sessions. Well, we didn’t want the abs man, just your acting for real! The fact that we got them was nice. But we would have liked Wolvi even if Jackman looked the same as he did back in the first X-Men trilogy.

5. J.K. Simmons – Commissioner Gordon (Justice League)

It makes sense to make a body like this when you have to spend some time on screen with your shirt off. Right? But Simmon’s Gordan appeared in Justice League for a total of 6 seconds or so and made no impact whatsoever. So why put so much time into gym sessions when we can’t see the gain’z’?

6. Kit Harrington – Milo (Pompeii)

If you’re playing a gladiator n Pompeii in 79 A.D., it makes sense to have a body that is unimaginable. But Harrington’s body looked more like a model and not of a fighter. The guy looked sleek and not swole. So in the eyes of other gladiators in a tournament, he wouldn’t look all that terrifying having what you have.

7. Paul Rudd – Ant-Man

Rudd’s Scott Lang did not, and I mean at all had to have a body like that. Considering his time behind bars, it’s believable that he hit the gym every now and then. But abs like that? Not sellable! A bit of dad body on Rudd’s character would have been good to watch when mixed with his humor.

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger – Howard Langston (Jingle All The Way)

Actors Who Got Swoll

In this movie, Arnold is not playing a cyborg or saving humanity from anything. I mean, he has this body that most gym-goers do not. In this, he is an overworked Minneapolis mattress salesman, and he has this physique? Okay, they might have had their reasons, but it’s simply not sellable as a product.

9. Chris Pratt – Star-Lord

Honestly, Chriss Pratt from Parks-and-Recreation would have made the perfect Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. And it makes sense because Star-Lord does not rely on his sheer strength but strategies, his tech, and sometimes luck. So it is said that Kevin Feige needs to have a lead with a normal body that most people have. Maybe it will make the movies relatable.

10. John Cena – Steven (Trainwreck)

The film Trainwreck required Cena to play a gym addict. But he looks like he’s been hitting the gym since the day he could lift something. The guy is miraculously buffed and has managed to have himself a strong WWE career. But in this movie, everyone is literally looking like a bee that Cena can squash and wouldn’t even flinch. So maybe an actor with a toned-down body could have played this character.

So these are the actors who got swoll quite needlessly.

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