Did Hawkeye Just Set Up The Son of Obadiah Stane as a New MCU Villain?

Marvel tends to drop hints and tease future characters and story arcs in their shows and movies. One such hint from the first episode of Disney+’s Hawkeye recently caught our attention. And we think this hint is a tease to the son of the first Iron Man villain, Obadiah Stane, i.e. Ezekiel Stane. And who knows, maybe he will join in as a new MCU villain sooner than we thought.

Disney+’s Hawkeye featured Clint Barton and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) as they wandered into organized crime. The show went on with Kate as the stubborn kid who wants to solve the mystery and Clint had to play the paternal role. The show was filled with jokes but more than that, the show set up a lot of future Marvel arcs. Laura’s past as a SHIELD Agent, Kingpin’s MCU future, and possibly, Ezekiel Stane’s MCU presence are some of the set up by the show.



The first episode of the show featured Kate showing off her archery skills in front of her friends. During this scene, her friends challenge her to hit a bell at the top of a bell tower. In that particular scene, you can distinctly see the front wall of the tower has a plaque, that reads Stane Tower. If you have seen the MCU from the start, then you know that (Obadiah) Stane was the villain of the first Iron Man movie, which was also the first MCU movie.


New MCU Villain

Obadiah Stane was the CEO of Stark Industries until Tony gave the post over to Pepper Potts. He plotted to have Tony killed to take over the company from Tony and make billions. However, tony stopped him from doing so. In his last attempt, he tried to recreate the Iron Man suit and use it to kill Tony. However, Tony was just too clever to die at the hands of the man who was not nearly as smart as he was. But if you are thinking that it was Obadiah who was teased in Hawkeye, hold your horses. The end of the 2008’s Iron Man saw Tony firing up the Arc Reactor and exploding it, along with Stane. However, in the comics, he had a son who grew up to avenge his father. And fans have been dying to see him enter the MCU.


Back to Hawkeye, we think that the destruction of the bell tower will bring about the return of Stane’s kin. According to the plaque, the towers were built in 1772 and were super old. And they dedicated the tower to the Stane family only recently in 2006. This meant that Obadiah had worked a great deal for getting that name up there and might be one of the last things he did. So it might hold great importance for his son who might come back to avenge its destruction.



However, Marvel doesn’t tend to bring everything from the comics as it is. They tend to swap the ethnicity, gender or some of the traits of the character to better suit the plot of the movie. Some fans believe that Obadiah’s son, Ezekiel, will be changed to a daughter for the MCU. But it is pure speculation. But now that we know that a Stane will enter the MCU, it calls for some speculation.


New MCU Villain

While many people believe that he will, come back as a hero, we say ‘au contraire, mon frére’. People think that he will be a hero because he was unaware of his father’s intentions and probably thinks that Tony Stark killed him. But we think that he will stick to his comic book roots and remain a villain. Call us old-fashioned, but we think that he will walk in his father’s footsteps and use tech to hunt down Kate.


As for where we will be seeing him next, fans think it might probably be the next show related to Iron Man, namely Ironheart or Armor Wars. According to Joss Whedon, he favored Ezekiel to be in the Avengers (2012) as a villain. But eventually, he dropped the idea and left for future projects. Despite what others think, we think that Feige will go with Whedon’s idea to feature Ezekiel as the villain in an Avengers movie. Possibly, the upcoming Young Avengers movie. It just has a nice ring to it.


What do you think of Ezekiel Stane debuting in the MCU? do let us know in the comments.

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