We All Missed This Hulk Cameo in Hawkeye!!!

The Marvel Cinematic Universe started with their shows that were canon to the main narrative in 2021. Hawkeye was the final entry of the year and it featured some of the most exciting moments that we could have asked for. Considering Hawkeye is an underrated Avenger, there were various callbacks to other Avengers and events surrounding the other of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. One particular scene saw events from the first Avengers film, The Avengers 2012, as the series began with that particular scene. But it seems that this recreation of the events was filled with a lot of detail that fans might have failed to look at. According to the VFX supervisor of Disney+’s last MCU series, there was a Hulk cameo in Hawkeye that we didn’t discover.


Hawkeye was one of the most grounded entries to the MCU projects that we have gotten since Avengers: Endgame. There was a lot of focus on how the events of that movie had impacted the lives of people and how they affected them. Hawkeye himself had a lot of trauma considering he had lost a dear friend with Natasha. At the same time, Clint had memories of his past mistake following the period he had lost his family. The series did not lose a single chance to indicate how much he was an underrated Avengers which multiple jokes spread throughout the narrative. Even none of the other Avengers ended up appearing, there were certain nods to all of them.


The opening of the series focuses on Clint’s work during the New York Battle in The Avengers. This plays an essential role in the narrative considering this moment is what influences Kate to become like Clint. But this scene had a lot of mistakes that fans noticed when compared with the original set of events during the New York Battle. The biggest mistake was with the timing of the events. According to the series, the entire Battle is reduced to minutes whereas the original event definitely took more time than that. But amongst all this, we might have not looked at a cameo from an Avengers in the series.


Hulk Cameo in Hawkeye?

According to The Direct, a Hulk cameo in Hawkeye has been confirmed by the ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Vincent Papaix. In an interview with befores & afters, Papaix was asked about exciting details that might have been included in the series and he replied:

Well, if you look closely at the LEGO store in episode 6, there’s some fun Easter eggs in there. We told Marvel, ‘Maybe we can put this in there?’ and they loved it. So, that was quite cool. If people want to look closely in the LEGO store, there’s some interesting LEGO in there that we put. It’s pretty quirky, but it’s always cool to see.

And it was the same thing for episode one. Marvel was saying, ‘Can we include Iron Man? Can we have people from Avengers?’ We managed to actually hide one Avenger that nobody has found yet. I won’t tell you where it is in there, but there is one Avenger somewhere in episode one.


Hulk Cameo in Hawkeye

After this tease, Episode 1 was given another watch with a proper look at the details of the series. It seems that as we look at the damaged Stark Tower from Kate’s perspective something could be seen leaping through the air on the left side of the tower. This is no other than Hulk himself and we can see that he is hit by a Chitauri soldier and that sends him spiraling into the opposite building. The Direct reached out to Papaix regarding this and the latter confirmed:

It is indeed Hulk jumping from building to building and getting a blast from a Chitauri weapon.


This adds to the variety of Easter eggs made to the Avengers throughout the series. But the funny thing is, as the giant-size Hulk only managed to make a tiny appearance, Ant-Man ended up having a rather massive reference. It is interesting to see how much detailed the recreation of the New York Battle must have been. We only wish to have seen Hulk ending up making a proper cameo in the series. Let’s hope that Hawkeye ends up having something similar as a nod in the upcoming She-Hulk series.

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