10 Best Gadgets from the Mission: Impossible Franchise

The Mission Impossible franchise is one of the most successful and entertaining action franchises in Hollywood. Tom Cruise was always a great actor, but Mission Impossible series turned him into a megastar. He is famous for performing daring stunts without a stunt double. But since this is one of the very best Spy movie franchises, we get to see a lot of amazing new gadgets along with the jaw-dropping stunts that Tom Cruise is a major part of. Here are the best gadgets of the entire franchise:

The Flute Gun

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation brought in a variety of gadgets into the mix. One of greatest and most surprising of those were the flute Guns built within an instrument. The attack at the Chancellor of Austria at the Opera in Vienna was possible due to these undetectable guns. The agents of the Syndicate were able to carry the snipers in a heavily guarded place undetected! So these weapons are considered pretty lethal if you think about it!

The Universal Key

Rogue Nation showed us yet another cool gadget that comes in real handy for a spy. Both Benji and Ethan Hunt used their phones to unlock doors. How that happened was due to the amazing built-in key makers within the phones that they were carrying. The entire unlocking was pretty subtle and comes in really handy in stealth missions.

The Face Detecting Lenses

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol had an IMF agent use a contact lens that scanned the faces of every individual in a crowded train station in Budapest and it pulled out information upon those people instantaneously. This is a Gadget I would certainly love to have in real life.

Optical Camouflage Screen

Ghost Protocol was another one of these Mission: Impossible movies that showed us Gadgets which could be used in almost every situation in life. We saw Benji and Ethan break into the Kremlin to pick up secured files and in there they used a the camouflage screen to slip right past the nose of a guard totally undetected! The scene itself was super intriguing.

Exploding Gum

Just imagine a chewing gum that would actually act as a lethal explosive. Terror attacks would increase massively if people were to carry gum-explosives for real as they could carry bombs anywhere they want to and there is nothing that anyone could do. Well, the first Mission Impossible movie gave us a sneak peak as to what this gum could do and how deadly it could be.

Voice Changer

One of the great gadgets of the entire franchise has been the Voice Changer. We have seen agents in the movie (usually Ethan Hunt himself) become totally different persons and they blend right in with the voice modulators that they use. They are already unrecognizable due to the amazingly cut face masks, and the voice modulator just makes the case even better!

Mask Maker

This is a machine that would create mayhem if it existed in real life. Anyone could impersonate any person in the entire world. This would be the literal translation of “you could be anyone you want to”. The Mission: Impossible franchise has made the use of this gadget effectively a trademark of its own. Hopefully, Fallout also uses the face masks really well and completely surprises us.

Orange Metal Eating Foam

This little gadget could again cause a lot of destruction in real life. Mission: Impossible 3 was one of the weaker films in the series, but it did bring a very lethal gadget into the mix and we saw it in full effect in an outstanding action sequence on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.    

Climbing gloves

One of the most dangerous stunts that Tom Cruise has ever done as Ethan Hunt was certainly the bit where he climbed and ran outside the tallest building of the world. Hunt obviously used the climbing gloves which helped him stick to a very slippery place and what was great about them was that the gloves were actually able to take the entire weight of Hunt!

The Remote control car

10 Best Gadgets from the Mission: Impossible Franchise

This was certainly the best gadget of the entire franchise till now. It is the closest BMW could actually get to making a real-life remote control Batmobile. Not only did the car look so amazing, it was completely Bulletproof and it is surely among the fastest cars in the entire world. I would say that this is one of my Dream cars!    

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