Only The Biggest ‘Tom Cruise’ Fans Can Answer These Questions About Him!

Tom Cruise is one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He can adapt himself to any role for the movie. In 1994, he was awarded man of the year by Harvard’s club known for its production featuring Harvard men in drag, and it won’t be surprising that he accepted that awards wearing heels.

He is a man with a big heart, in 1996 he witnessed a woman got hit by a car so, he took her to the hospital and paid the hospital bill for her.

He is among the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He has been nominated three times in the Academy Awards. Tom Cruise started acting at a very young and since then never looked back.

Throughout these years, he has gained a huge fan following from all over the world. And most of his fans claim to be his “die-hard” fans. But do they really know him well?

Today, we have prepared a Tom Cruise fan quiz that will prove how much his fans really know about him!

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