Dragon Ball Super Reveals Different Levels of Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super: Different Levels of Ultra Instinct

Earlier we saw Vegeta finally finding an alternate to match the level of Ultra Instinct, and he did that in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, we see Goku testing his newly found abilities against Whis. But, again, he ended up being no match to Whis, and then Whis goes to educate Goku about different levels of Ultra Instinct, and the hero would have to develop their own styles to become more powerful. The never-ending desire of Vegeta to surpass Goku has always pushed Vegeta beyond his limits. But Goku, as always, sticks true to his innocence and his desire to fight the best of the best in the world. Not to always win, but to gauge their power and to learn about new tricks.

Following this, we see Vegeta and Beerus brawl, and Vegeta claims that he doesn’t want to learn Ultra Instinct. On this, Beerus tells Vegeta that Ultra Instinct is not the only technique of Gods. Beerus says, “Ultra Instinct ain’t the only technique of the gods.” This surprises Vegeta, and Beerus tells him that Ultra Instinct is more meant for Angels, remarking, “Didja really think us Gods of Destruction would run around using a move where you gotta keep your heart all calm and tranquil?” After that, out of curiosity and the will to become even more powerful, Vegeta pursues Beerus to tell him more about the technique, but being Beerus, Beerus refuses. He makes it as clear as day that he is not a trainer, but the God of Destruction. He then starts to walk away but made it very clear that he wants Vegeta to follow him.

Dragon Ball Super Different Levels of Ultra Instinct

At the start of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, Goku catches the Oracle Fish, who teases the arrival of a powerful fighter. From there, Goku spars with Whis. However, the Angel easily parries and deflects his opponent, eventually knocking him to the ground. “Copying me won’t get you far,” Whis tells Goku. “You must develop your own style.” From there, the two continue their sparring match while Vegeta and Beerus watch on. During their conversation, Beerus explains that Angels are always using Ultra Instinct. Whis, for his part, explains that there are various levels of Ultra Instinct mastery and that Goku is still a novice, especially as compared to the Grand Priest. This revelation seems to delight Goku, as he now has a new power level for which to strive.

As of now, Ultra Instinct is the strongest power-up that we have seen. Goku, being the ultimate fighter he is, ended up unlocking the Ultra Instinct level and even learns how to surpass the Ultra Instinct to reach the godly level of master Ultra Instinct, where he was basically unscathed. This surprised all the Gods, as they stood up gaping in awe and passed on their admiration and respect to Goku, as a mortal had just reached the God level. Ultra instinct allows its users to react automatically, making them incredibly formidable in combat. Goku — who has never been one to pass on a power-up — has until recently struggled to really use the move to its full potential.

Dragon Ball Super Different Levels of Ultra Instinct

It was a big question regarding when Vegeta will be seen using Ultra Instinct. In the recent movie where we saw Broly vs. Vegeta, we saw Vegeta become Super Saiyan Red, which no one ever saw before and the fans went gaga over it. So it is obvious that when the fans see Vegeta use Ultra Instinct, it will be crazy. But for that, the Dragon Ball manga would have to totally alter Vegeta’s personality as this is what the technique requires, and Vegeta is just not that. It’s like yin and yang. Goku and Vegeta complete the circle, with good and evil. Not particularly evil, but let’s just composure and anger. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 releases on February 19.

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Ever since the battle with Moro, Goku knew he has to get even get stronger to basically stand up and win against any possible threat that may come his way. Vegeta’s character development has been unreal over the years and the sagas that had come. Now, it looks like the Dragon Ball Super saga might just put Vegeta on the same pedestal as Goku. With different techniques, we can expect them to win in every possible way.

Dragon Ball Super Different Levels of Ultra Instinct

Beerus made it clear that Ultra Instinct is something that does not suit the persona of a God of Destruction, and honestly, it doesn’t suit Vegeta’s persona too. So yes, we can definitely expect a totally different power-up for our very own Vegeta.

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