7 Benefits of Drinking Beer

Beer for a man is like shopping for a girl. For every season and every reason, the only companion a man has is beer. A man is more loyal to beer than his bae. Having this amazing ale every now and then surely isn’t harmful. In fact, a lot of studies suggest that it is beneficial for your health (stop blushing!).

  1. It won’t break your heart:


Studies at Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura, Italy suggests that people who drink beer have lower risk (31% low) of getting a heart disease. Beer is considered to have phenols which are anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants protects your heart. But consumption of should not be in excess.

Also, researchers at Harvard School found out that beer can reduce the risk of getting strokes by a whopping 50 %. On the contrary, too much can give you a heart attack.


  1. You can sell your kidney for a phone:


Yes, beer keeps your kidney healthy. It helps in preventing the development of stones in kidneys. A Finland institution studies found out that due to the high content of water in this ale (nearly 93%), it washes out all the toxins and makes the functioning of kidney smooth!


  1. Reduces the risk of diabetes:


Beer helps in increasing the insulin sensitivity according to a Harvard study. It cuts the risk of developing a type 2 diabetes by 25%. It also contains soluble fibre which is inturn good for diabetic patients.

4. Makes your bones stronger:


Research at Tufts found out that consumption of beer increases the bone density making your bones stronger. Also, it reduces the risk of fracture. But, drinking more than necessary weakens your bones!



  1. “Anti-boss” properties:


Basically, beer reduces stress! Moderate consumption helps in reducing anxiety and stress.



  1. Best hair treatments:


Beer shampoo is something you might heard of and even used! Well, beer is believed to be an excellent conditioner. It also helps you getting rid of dandruff. It is one of the best gifts you can give to your hair, making your hair softer and shinier. 

  1. Beer FF’s:


Beer is one “fevicol” which keeps relationships with your BFF’s strong. It is an excellent social lubricant. Once it goes in, all the history comes out. It makes you talkative and boosts your courage, according to a research at University of Washington.

 Beer certainly has a lot of benefits. Much more than what is mentioned in this article. But, these benefits can only be experienced by people who consume respectable amount of beer and not by any devdas. Many studies mentioned above were being conducted on people who consume one pint (or glass)  a day. That is the maximum you should take. Excess of beer can also damage everything mentioned above (even relationships). So, know your limits. Happy Boozing!


This article is not meant to promote beer in any way. But drinking it isn’t bad either. Also, there must a lot of “beer stories” in your life. Well, I am all ears . . .

and Cheers!!


Jiddu Aditya

A multi-talented shy lad who loves to write, read, workout, travelling, play guitar, do photography and make the worst PJ's which can cause serious mental trouble. He is presently working with one of the Big 4 IT companies. But his real interest lies in Advertising.
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