5 Mistakes You Didn’t Notice in the “Twilight” Series

Only those who read the Twilight series would know that the storyline is actually good and it’s not fair for Stephenie Meyer to face such criticisms just because of the movie. Now, here are some mistakes in the storyline that you might have missed.

In Breaking Dawn, vampire’s hearing capacities are explained by showing that Bella could hear the music being played in a car, in the highway. In Twilight, when James met Bella for the first time, they are in the same clearing standing just meters apart from each other, yet James nor the other two were able to hear Bella’s heartbeat. Ain’t it fishy?

Vampires are basically portrayed as cold ones who do not sweat, need not use the washroom, have venom instead of blood running in their veins. When it is so, how is it medically possible for them to produce the hormones required for reproduction?

In the first part, Bella gets nauseated just at the sight of a single drop of blood on another person’s hand. But in Breaking dawn, she drinks cups of blood and actually likes it. Yea! Completely logical!

Bella states that Alice and Edward play the game of chess on their mind because of the speed in which Edward can read Alice’s thoughts and the similar speed in which Alice can foresee Edward’s move based on her thoughts.

Yet, in Breaking Dawn Alice foresees that Aro should not know that Alice is still with their family and so she keeps everybody except Bella out of the loop. It’s tough to believe that Edward missed such a long vision.


The main reason for werewolves’ existence is to save the humans from vampires. But when there are dozens of vampires in the area, the werewolves don’t stop them just because they had to save Renesmee. Not exactly for the greater good is it?

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