Marvel Shows How Black Panther is the Most Powerful Avenger

When we talk about the most powerful Avengers, there are 5 names in total that mostly come to our mind. Thor, Scarlet Witch & Captain Marvel have been competing for the strongest Avenger’s title since the last 2 years. Apart from them, it is the Hulk & Doctor Strange who have shown that they could take down anyone but Thanos. But in none of our considerations, never have we considered Black Panther amongst the strongest Avengers.

Captain America & Iron Man were not considered as the strongest Avengers, even though they were always the ones proving that they are more than what people think of them. Just like that, Black Panther is not considered to be the strongest. In hindsight, Black Panther has the greatness of both Captain America & Iron Man. He has an unbeatable Vibranium suit that also fires back with Kinetic Energy. He is a genius who has access to advanced technology. Along with all the wealth & tech, he is trained in different forms of martial arts, and also possesses Superhuman speed, strength, stamina & durability. So, Black Panther, it is fair to say that Black Panther has the best of both Captain America & Iron Man (two of the most important Avengers). On top of that, he is also a King. So, we should really consider Black Panther when we talk of the strongest Avengers.

In fact, the recent comics have proven how Black Panther has an edge over most of the Avengers. And no, this edge is not because of the fact that Black Panther is the only one who won Oscars. The new issue of Avengers #33 ran the extremely hyped “Age of Khonshu” storyline centered on Moon Knight. In this story, Moon Knight seeks to save the world by taking it over and turning it into a new Egyptian empire. But since most of the world obviously runs with democracy, the Avengers would certainly try to stop Moon Knight. So, Moon Knight’s plan was to take on the Avengers one at a time, as he won’t be able to beat them all at once.

So as per his plans, he fights them one by one. What’s more is that he actually looks for opportunities to rip the source of their powers in order to escape with them. He takes the mystical energy that allows Iron Fist his chi-empowered strikes. Using that energy, he even takes Doctor Strange’s magic away. Then he takes Ghost Rider’s car away and even takes down Thor. When all these mavericks fell to Moon Knight, the only one lest standing was the King of Wakanda.

Moon Knight brings war to the lands of Wakanda as he threatens Black Panther with his army of mummies and wizards. But he also offers Black Panther to fight him one on one to prevent all the bloodshed. Black Panther fake “surrenders” and tells Moon Knight to leave Wakanda be. MK pulls out the ankhs which he has been using to take away the source of powers of the other heroes, and he tries to do the same to Black Panther. The only thing that MK goes back with is his disappointment, because his tricks didn’t work on T’Challa.

Black Panther’s powers are from the heart-shaped herb that he ingested. So, the source of his power actually exists within his blood. One would have to kill him to take his blood away. Here’s the proof of why Black Panther will stand when many other heroes will fall. He is unbeatable. We’d love to see future battles involving Black Panther.

Title & Villain of Black Panther 2 Revealed

Black Panther 2 is said to involve Namor, and that’s when we might get to see the fiercest battle ever. Namor, the king of Atlantis is extremely powerful himself. So, seeing Black Panther being able to best him could show us how strong Black Panther is. T’Challa’s future in the MCU is extremely bright. Let’s see how things are handled.

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