8 Times Tony Stark Lost In Disgrace

There are a lot of people who hate Tony Stark for his guts and his bossy sarcastic egotistical attitude. While most of them are villains, some are heroes too. Some want to beat him, while some have beaten him. Here are a number of people who have beaten Tony Stark:

Thor Proves He Is A God

In this fight, Thor comes in with two lightning attacks and smashes Tony’s armor with Mjolnir, fries his circuitry then taking off his face plate says,“Give your orders and ultimatums to those who choose to obey or are too cowardly to fight. Not to me. Or learn again the difference between a God of Thunder — and a mortal man in a metal suit.” Nothing more to be said, Thor here truly proves that he really is a God.

Doctor Doom- Secret Wars

Both are men in suits of armor. Both are tech. geniuses, both are someone not to be trifled with. Doctor Doom and Iron Man have come face to face quite a few times. Doom’s armor also blocks Stark’s scanning abilities. In Secret Wars where Doctor Doom obliterated all his enemies, Tony Stark too was there on the list. He sure should get points for trying though, some lasted for even shorter time than time.

World War Hulk

Hulk hasn’t always been a hero. There are times when the Hulk takes over Banner one such time was at the time of World War Hulk. Enraged at Tony Stark who had sent him to outer space where he crashes landed on a planet of Gladiators, instead of the planet of peace, the Hulk comes back at Tony and the Avengers. There he easily beats the shit out of Iron Man, and we all know when Hulk is angry, no Hulkbuster can do the job.

Fin Fang Foom

Nope, this is not the name of a dragon. Fin Fang Foom is actually a Malkuan. This is a shape shifting alien race, which came to earth sometime in the 8th century. There they transformed into humans so as to learn more about them and Foom transformed into a beast. He went into Hibernation. When the Mandarin broke it out of its sleep, Foom reeked havoc, Iron Man came to stop the beast but was put down really easily.

Magneto- duh!

Magneto can manipulate metal. Enough said. Tony has many suits that can go against Magneto’s abilities but we have seen that the ever so power Erik Lensherr can also get the iron out of someone’s bloodstream. So, Tony losing to him was very much predictable. He in the end also takes on Tony and War Machine simultaneously.

The Ghost

Okay, this is pretty simple. If Iron Man’s a living computer, the Ghost, his nemesis is a virus. He has a very sad origin. His wife was murdered after she gave out the information that the company for which her husband, the Ghost worked made her be a call girl. The dude went into depression and became a villain. This happened and the guy then was on ruining the tech. companies. The Ghost defeated Iron Man on their first confrontation and more so, he made it clear that he’ll kill him the next time. That almost happened, but thanks to Iron Man’s artificial heart it didn’t happen.

Doctor Octopus Rips Him Off

The ever so jealous and disgraceful Doctor Octopus once was to break out of prison, where Tony goes to stop him. Overwhelmed with many more Villains, Stark is unable to do much and Ock rips his suit off his body. Many years later he’s even made Stark get to his knees and call him master.

Black Widow Breaks Trust

tony stark

Okay, this has to be the most hurtful case for him ever. When Natasha in the Ultimate universe is working for the liberators, to complete her task she reveals The Hulk’s identity. Not just that, Captain America and Thor too are framed by her for anti-American behavior. She also seduces Tony and sleeps with him multiple times, so much so that she accepts his marriage proposal and he gives her a Black Iron Man suit. She then holds him at gunpoint and takes all the billionaire’s money. This has to be one of the worst betrayals in the comic history. What a b**ch!

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