10 Reasons Why X-Men Origins: Wolverine Was Better Than Logan

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not as bad as people give it hate for. It actually nailed some aspects of Wolverine’s story which Logan actually missed out on. Logan was a road trip story and the range of the movie was very small whereas, X-Men Origins was totally the opposite. Here are the reasons why X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a much better movie than Logan.

Lynn Collins

Lynn Collins played Wolverine’s Love interest in the movie and gave a very emotional and lovable touch to the movie. Logan did not have any love interest present as it was a very simple father and daughter movie. X-Men Origins not only gave us a love story, it gave us a very unique and different story which brought the character ahead of the same old Logan and Jean Story.

Live Schreiber as Sabertooth

Sabertooth is a very important character in a Wolverine story, and Live Schreiber actually added a great bit to the character after the total piece of shit that we got in the first X-men movie. Logan was also going to bring Live back for the role but it felt that the movie had already so much happened in it, so there was no need felt for Sabertooth.

Not a road trip story

Logan was a story where Wolverine tries to transport Laura to a safe place and it all revolved around a road trip. X-Men Origins was rather having a wider arc and was an origin for our very favorite mutant.

Wolverine is Actually a hero worth rooting for

Logan gave importance not just to Wolverine, but also to X-23. People loved the duo but it was supposed to be more of a solo movie. Origins, on the other hand, focused totally on Wolverine even though it had so many characters in it.

It had humor

Logan was a very serious movie right from the beginning and gave us a very emotional ending. X-Men Origins Wolverine, on the other hand, had quite a bit of humor in it, thanks to characters like Ryan Reynolds Deadpool/Wade Wilson.

Didn’t need to be R-Rated

X-Men Origins gave us a very brutal movie without actually giving us a feeling of it being suitable for a mature audience. It had all the action that we needed from a Wolverine movie. Logan, on the other hand, had more of graphic imagery and brutal death sequences. A wider audience could be catered in Origins whereas Logan was for only a limited audience, which might also not like the amount of Blood spilled in the movie.


The movie was not short of character appearances, and one such character that we love in the comics gave an amazing appearance in the movie. It was the first time we got to see Gambit in a live action movie and Taylor Kitsch did a very good job with the character.

Amazing Fight Sequences

No matter what people would say about the movie, it had totally kick-ass fight sequences and some of them were even better than Logan. The movie had a higher budget than Logan so it is understandable that the fights would be better. Logan was not far behind it though, but X-Men Origins had an edge extra.

Wolverine VS Sabertooth

Sabertooth’s value as a character should be very high in a Wolverine movie. What X-Men Origins had got absolutely right is the relationship of Wolverine and Sabertooth. It gave as an amazing arc of Sabertooth and Wolverine along with Sabertooth VS Wolverine. Even though they are enemies, they are brothers with their differences. Logan was lacking this.

Origin for Deadpool


Even though the movie ruined the final interpretation of the Merc with a mouth, and made him Merc without a mouth, it was still a great introduction for Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson and actually allowed room to have a Deadpool movie in the future. Even though the solo Deadpool movie took its time to hit the theaters, it was only because the character was introduced in X-Men Origins Wolverine. Logan would have been even better if Deadpool would have popped in somewhere in the movie.

Do you agree with the list? It is just an opinion so don’t be outraged. Tell us how you feel in the comments.

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