The Debate Is Over: Superman Kills Batman With A Single Punch!!

The debate is who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman has been raging on since the Dawn of Time itself. Will the Dark Knight take the cake? Or is the Man of Steel too much of a heavyweight to lose? Batman fans claim Batman can use his innate ‘prep-time’ ability to plan for the battle miles ahead of the event. In certain scenarios, it did work. An old Bruce Wayne did defeat Superman in The Dark Knight Returns. He also defeated the entire Justice League including Superman using his Justice Buster armor in Batman: Endgame. Superman fans disagree by saying that when you pit a guy that can tow an entire solar system against a guy in black tights and pointy-eared mask, the winner is definitely the former. As the battle between the fan bases rages on, a particular Batman issue has put the entire thread to rest. Superman has finally defeated Batman with one single punch!!

Spoiler Alert: The Following Paragraphs contain Major Spoilers for Batman #42. If you haven’t read it yet, look away, look away!!!!

In the aforementioned issue, something incredibly surprising takes place. Superman literally punches Batman to his death. It is not an else worlds or a What if…story arc. Superman hasn’t gone full loco either. He is well and good in mind, body and soul and the event takes place in the mainstream DC Continuity. Superman just killed Batman. After being mind controlled by Poison Ivy to do her bidding, Superman does the unthinkable to his best friend and puts a rain check on the latter’s wedding plans with Catwoman. Selina Kyle is gonna be pissed!!

The previous issues saw Poison Ivy trying to take over the world via edible food. By infecting the worldwide vegetation resources, every guy and girl who likes to eat a balanced, healthy diet has fallen under her spell. She has taken over the world on fair and square meal at a time. Superman, who never misses out on his healthy appetite, has also fallen to her charms. Poison Ivy just made Superman her bitch and the most powerful War Hound in her army of mind controlled vegan freaks. Never Eat Vegetables again – Check!

Superman always knows when to hold back and when not to. Ivy is a different story. As she is not accustomed to controlling Kyrptonian abilities, she commits a terrible mistake. Batman goads Ivy and pusher to the brink of her temper. Ivy, eventually in a fit of rage, orders Superman to punch Batman so hard that the latter eventually dies.

Poison Ivy may still be a villain but she also has a thing for Batman. In some instances, the sexual tension between them could be cut with a knife. The idea of Superman punching the legendary Dark Knight to death was too much of a stunner for both Superman and Poison Ivy. N a world where the entire global population has been turned into Ivy’s mindless love slaves, Batman and Catwoman escaped her by injecting themselves with a vaccine that made them immune against the infection. Ivy let the couple stay in peace as long as they did not interfere with Ivy’s plans. When Batman finds out that there exists a boy with a severe resistance to Ivy’s mind control powers, he had to put on a cowl to find the boy and possibly extract a cure out of him.

That was something which did not bode well with Ivy. Using the rest of the Mind-controlled Justice League members and Green Lantern Corps, Ivy suspends Batman and Catwoman. Batman baits Ivy with rude remarks, pushing her to the edge and she orders Superman to punch him to Kingdom Come.  The death of Batman is a sad event for DC Comics.

Ivy realizes her fault and soon brings Batman back from the dead using magic. The next chapters must help the readers find out if Ivy was able to cure Batman’s face and brain that have suffered extensive injuries from the godlike Kryptonian uppercut. There have been millions of discussions as to who would win – Superman or Batman? As it turns out, one momentary lapse in judgment along with the Man of Steel forsaking him from holding back any more and Superman can beat the living daylights out of the Dark Knight.

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