4 New Spoiler-Filled Clips of Venom 2 Released

Venom: Let There be Carnage is on the horizon and we are about to see some of the craziest symbiote action we could ever imagine. The last snippet of the movie we got in form of a trailer blew the fandom away. But something even more explosive has happened. Four clips of Venom 2 have been released on YouTube and they contain massive spoilers. So if you don’t want to know, this is the point where you turn back.


The first clip is a callback to the trailer in many ways. We get to see how far Venom and Eddie have come in their relationship. They seem to be arguing like they are best friends having a feud. When we saw this scene in the trailer it seemed like Venom was bullying Eddie for no reason. But now it becomes clear to us that Venom was provoked into attacking his friend. This makes sense, given the fact that Venom does like Eddie Brock more than other humans.


Other humans are mostly food to Venom. After all, he is a planet hoping murderous psychopath who eats bad guys. But he is not all bad, necessarily. He just likes his human meat, and what can one really do about that. Regardless the second clip showcases something regarding this nature of Venom and why Eddie is constantly on edge in the trailer. It seems that the reporter does not have co plate control over the Klyntar just yet.


Clips of Venom 2

The second clip takes place inside a prison complex. Eddie Brock is informed that a serial Killer named Kletus Cassidy wants to talk to the reporter. He meets a detective in the institution and is then briefed about the situation. It is quite nice to see Eddie do something for society. But then Venom pops out and almost bites the Detective’s head off. We can understand the sentiment a little. The poor guy must be famished.


Luckily Eddie can save the Detective’s head just in the nick of time by shoving himself through a doorway. If he hadn’t done that things might have devolved into a full-scale murder rampage. That is the risk of hosting a powerful symbiote, you never know when the guest will get all pesky. Regardless, that’s good on Eddie’s part to try and save an innocent life and controlling Venom in the process.


Clip 3 gives us the moment we have all been eagerly waiting for. The first interaction between Eddie and Kletus. The deranged serial killer locked behind a cell chides Brock for several things. He plays his mental games but Eddie is unaffected. The reporter is here to extract information and he will do exactly that, he cannot be swayed by mental games. But then again it is not only him in his head, but Venom is also along for the ride and the symbiote doesn’t control his temper as well as Eddie.


Spoilers for Venom 2

No sooner does Cassidy start provoking Eddie that Venom starts responding as Eddie’s inner voice. Soon the serial killer crosses a line and Venom is forced to act. The symbiote charges the cell door with Eddie’s body and scares Cassidy back into a corner. Maybe this is the moment that Cassidy realizes that this reporter is more than just human. This may be the moment when he decides to taste Brock.


The last of the clips of Venom 2 showcases a completely new symbiote that has not been as prevalent in media as Carnage. Shriek is seen locked in a cage within a cage. The scene is a simple sequence of yards bringing her food but the menacing nature of the character has everyone completely and utterly spooked. Her auditory powers are teased in the sequences but never revealed. That is a good thing because we think they are going to have a place in the movie.


You see, both Venom and Carnage have one major weakness. They cannot handle high-frequency sound waves. So a comic cannon is the best weapon against any symbiote in the Marvel Verse. However, Shriek shows us that this is only applicable when the sound waves are coming directly at them. Her powers are much like that of a sound cannon, but she throws the waves outwards. This makes her more powerful than both Venom and Carnage, technically. Let us know what you think of these clips in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC and Hollywood.

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