5 DC Superheroes Who Have Easily Defeated Batman

Batman is one of the comic book characters that is always supposed to win. His fighting ability and intelligence make him overcome his problems. Also, know as the protector of the Gotham city, Batman’s pain after losing his parents made him more strong. You will be astonished to know that the Dark Knight face several comic book beatdowns. So, today we are counting down on five superheroes who have defeated Batman.

1. Wonder Woman


In Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia by Greg Rucka, Wonder Woman becomes the caretaker of a Danielle Wellys, a well-known murderer. Knowing that she is a caretaker, Wonder Woman, who is confined by Themyscira ritual of Hiketeia, get into a fight with Batman, where she literally punches his face down and put her leg on Batman’s head to see him there for a while.

2. Superman

Well, the bitter truth is that Batman has beaten Superman most of the times. Even in The Dark Knight Returns, he faked heart attack after he used every tactic and was able to win against Superman. After Maxwell Lord controls the mind, Superman changes his perception and sees his friends as enemies and then Superman smashes Batman down and sends him to the hospital.

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