Marvel: Why Vision Was White in The Comics?


The recent reveal of episode 8 of the WandaVision arc seems to have created a massive rift among a lot of fans across the globe. In the past few episodes of the WandaVision arc, we have seen how Wanda and Vision have grown apart as Wanda has not given Vision any of the memories leading to the events of his death and Vision seems to be going around the town looking for answers and finally, he finds the answers that he is looking for in Darcy Lewis who gets sucked in the Hex during the event when Wanda increases the area of the Hex. When Billy altered her mother about there being something wrong with his dad. Darcy Lewis finally meets Vision and explains everything to him everything only to find out that he remembers nothing of his previous life events. Darcy Lewis along with Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo also figure what director Tyler Hayward has been up to and what his original plan has been all along.

Episode 8 of the WandaVision arc will give out a lot of information about the entire plot of the WandaVision arc and how the plot will supposedly unfold with the revelation of the scheme or plan that Director Tyler Hayward has been planning and what Agatha Harkness has been doing inside the Hex and where the hell is Wanda’s Kids. The entire plot that has been built around the episodes of the WandaVision arc seems to be coming to an end.

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With Darcy Lewis finally telling the resurrected Vision all the secrets and the back story of his origin and how he came into being and what kind of special bond he shares with Wanda. How after the events of Infinity War he was killed by Thanos and half of the populace was erased off by Thanos in an event called the Blip.

The events of the WandaVision arc have also incorporated multiple characters into the MCU timeline, one of which seems to Monica Rambeau, daughter of Maria Rambeau founder of the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D). We witness Monica Rambeau crossing the Hex barrier once of her own will and another time being excluded by Wanda and the 3rd time forcing herself through the barrier while awakening her powers. Monica Rambeau though not born with any special ability, went through a radical transformation at a molecular level due to her interactions with the Hex barrier which kind of metamorphosized her DNA giving her superpowers of some sort, something which has still not been clarified by the writers of the show.

Why Vision Was White
Why Vision Was White

The current repercussions or the impact that the fans seem to be discussing is probably the appearance made by White Vision in the post-credit scenes of Episode 8. Now we understand that MCU has adapted its original storyline across the Marvel Comics narrative, but somehow has chosen to showcase White Vision as the upcoming brand-new plot in the WandaVision arc. White Vision reveals shows Director Tyler Hayward’s actual intentions of the reason he needed Vision’s corpse as he wanted to perfect his original design.

We already were made aware that Vision’s body was taken into custody by Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D) without the consent of the two people who weren’t there, Tony Stark and Vision. In the previous episodes of the WandaVision arc, we witnessed Wanda breaking into a facility of Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D), where she finds the broken-down body of her dead soulmate and seeing Vision in that condition loses her control and barges out of the facility with Vision’s body in her possession.

Why Vision Was White
Why Vision Was White

The appearance of White Vision raises many plots that link the story or the missing pieces of the WandaVision arc, especially the one from the comics that speculate that Whit Vision has no emotional bonds, unlike the previous vision. But the biggest concern that the fans have right now is how will Wanda deal with this situation and what kind of mental breakdown she might have to go through. First, we saw her lose her brother, then witness her love being killed right in front of her eyes, then getting wiped from existence, then see the body of the person she loved broken down to pieces all in the name of research, apparently lose her manifested kids to a witch and then witness a lunatic leader of the human race reincarnate the physical being of the person she loved.

It looks like all hell will break loose in the upcoming episode 9 of the WandaVision arc and fans are hoping that the episode is slightly longer than its normal time, to cover all the plots that have risen in the current WandaVision arc and provide closure to the audience.

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