10 Most Shocking Moments of 2018 Movies So Far

We are almost halfway into 2018, and we have already seen so many thriller moments in the movies that have come out till now. The Marvel movies have lit up the Box Office but WB also had their bit in between, and so did Fox. There are big thriller movies yet to come, but the ones that have come out till now were not short of shocking moments! Here’s a list of the movie moments that completely stunned the audiences:

Brad Pitt – Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 was a fun ride from beginning to the very end. It was filled with tonnes and tonnes of Easter Eggs which were amazing to find. Not just that, the movie had so many cameos that almost all of them shocked us in certain ways. The rapid death of the original X-Force should also get its own point, but amidst that was a character reveal that no one could have dreamy off! The Vanisher in his very last dying moment was revealed to be none other than Brad Pitt!

Klaue’s Sudden Death – Black Panther

Black Panther is surely one of the best Superhero movies ever. The movie was a cultural phenomenon and it was really true to the comics. It was a fun and adventurous outing that pleased fans the most but it did not have as many big chills as the likes of Infinity War gave us. Still, one major stunner was the sudden death of Ulysses Klaue. Andy Serkis gave us a fabulous performance and we thought that he was a villain that would go till the end, but as it turned out, for the sake of the plot, Killmonger had to kill him instantaneously which no one saw coming.  

Denzel Washington Surprise Cameo – Game Night

Game Night was a great fun that does lighten up the mood. Even though the ending of the movie gave too many thrilling reveals one after the other, the most amazing and entertaining moment came with the surprising Cameo played by Denzel Washington who then turned out to be a mere look-alike.

The Shining Tribute – Ready Player One

Ready Player One may have actually gone past Deadpool 2 when it comes to Easter Eggs because the movie had more than a 100. One of those big Easter Eggs actually turned out to be the most thrilling point of the movie. A classic horror – The Shining’s most thrilling sequence actually turned out to be a major scene in the film, which the viewers would only understand if they are in fact aware of what happened in The Shining.

Red Skull returns! – Avengers: Infinity War

There were a lot of rumours suggesting so many characters to get an appearance in Infinity War. Right from the beginning, the movie packed moments that turned the theatres into freakin’ closseums. Out of the many shockers, one major moment came with the reveal of Red Skull out of nowhere. People believed that this villain was supposed to return at some point, but the place Marvel chose to put him raised a lot of eyebrows.

Post Credits Scene – Deadpool 2

As mentioned above, Deadpool 2 was a fun and thrilling ride that would surprise you at almost every corner. One big shocking moment also came when the main villain actually turned out to be Juggernaut. But the most amazing stunner came right after the credits rolled. Getting the Time Jump device fixed, Deadpool used it in his own typical way, and he actually went to great lengths which included a murder of Ryan Reynolds right after he read the script of the horrendous Green Lantern!

Maisie is a clone – Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The sequel to the record-breaking Jurassic World was actually much better than the first movie. The ending of the movie turned out to be an insane surprise as the entire world will now have to take on the Dinosaurs, and the third movie will really transition to the title of “Jurassic World”. But the major surprise in the movie came with the reveal that just like the Dinosaurs, one of the lead characters in the movie, Maisie is also a clone created off her mother’s DNA.

Darth Maul – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Even though this was probably a weaker Star Wars movie, it was still fun to watch and did give a good origin to Han Solo, while setting up future Spin-offs if Disney would want to pursue. But the movie did shock the audiences by revealing that the villain from Star Wars Episode One, Darth Maul is actually alive after getting cut into half!

The Ending Thrill – Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow is probably one of the best Spy Thriller movies ever. Throughout the movie you would think that you know what is going to happen, as the movie keeps playing right into your minds, but the very ending is a huge thriller which I would not like to spoil, so you should watch this movie as soon as possible.

Thanos’ Finger Snap – Avengers: Infinity War

Shocking Moments of 2018 movies

Avengers: Infinity War! Okay, this movie does not need to be explained again and again! It has created history, and it is probably the biggest comic book thrillers you would ever get to see. Throughout the movie you see the heroes being defeated one by one, which makes you think that they’d all unite towards the end and take Thanos down temporarily. But as it turned out, Thanos escaped right at the very end, doing something which though would never happen. Having collected all the Infinity Stones, he snapped his fingers, wiping out half the population of the entire Universe taking out many heroes as well!

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