Why Marvel Should Not Have Deleted This Hawkeye Post-Credits Scene

The finale of the new Disney+’s Hawkeye finally came out last week and it was worth the wait. The finale had some pretty nifty twists and turns and cliffhangers. In addition to the main episode, the mid-credits scene of the episode made for some big news. The scene featured one of the songs of Rogers: The Musical. Many fans have described it as a scene that we didn’t know we needed. Naturally, some fans disliked the note on which the show bid adieu. However, as it turns out, Marvel had a Hawkeye post-credits scene planned, which would have been perfect, but they decided against adding it to the finale. Bare with us to find more about the scene.

Hawkeye introduced a lot of new characters in the MCU mix. One of the new characters, Echo, is even getting her own show in 2023. However, the characters who won the audience’s heart were the Tracksuit Mafia. The new MCU’s bros were just as funny as they were dangerous. The series featured the goofy members of the mafia in great detail. However, many viewers disliked the note on which we saw the last of them. And we think that the cut post-credits scene could have been the perfect farewell to the bros. This could have given them some additional plot, with their future yet uncertain in the future of the MCU. Plus, it would have answered one of the cliffhangers of the show. 



Hawkeye Post-Credits Scene

Many fans pointed out that instead of going with their reputation to set up future projects in the post-credits scene, the writers went with a completely unrelated scene. They featured the full verse of the song, “Save The City”, from Rogers: The Musical. And with The Musical being teased multiple times throughout the series and again in the new Spider-Man movie, it made sense that the show gave us a glimpse of the Musical. While many fans thought that the first episode gave us enough Musical, many wanted to see a full verse.


However, when we talk about the cut post-credits scene, featuring the Tracksuit Mafia, the fans’ opinions are not so conflicted. The scene calls back to a moment in the final fight at the ice rink, in front of the Rockefeller Centre. When we see the owl, carrying the shrunk members of the Tracksuit Mafia, many viewers wanted to see more of them. Especially, how they deal with being shrunk in front of a bird whose diet primarily constitutes of small worms.


With Hawkeye not being as strong as its predecessor Disney+ Marvel originals, the writers might have taken advantage of this gag reel. Shows like WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki appeals to a wider audience with their humor, the same cannot be said for this show up to a certain extent. It was good, but it could have been better.



Deleted Hawkeye Post-Credits Scene

While it was nice to see Marvel shattering old stereotypes of setting up future projects in the post-credits scene, deleting the ‘owl sequence’ seems like a wasted opportunity. Then again, with Hawkeye being all about the jolly Christmas spirit, the sequence would have been quite dark for some viewers. Just imagining that there was a possibility where the Mafia members would have died brutally seems wrong. Even though the Bros were criminals, even they wouldn’t have deserved such a death. That is just way too dark for the MCU.


Would you have liked this post-credits scene? Also, do you kind of want to start a petition where the MCU developers confirm whether the Mini Tracksuits were alive and brought back to their original size, or not? Because I do!

Hawkeye’s all 6 episodes are now streaming on Disney+.

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