5 DC Characters Harley Quinn Might Face In Her New Movie

With the confirmation that Harley Quinn will be getting her own movie, it’s now an exciting time for fans to imagine what the movie could become. Quinn was a standout amongst her companions in the villain-centric movie Suicide Squad, with her backstory told through flashback sequences where we find out the beginnings of Harley Quinn and her unhealthy devotion to The Joker. There has been no news so far about what the storyline would be about or who is going to be in the movie yet, but based on Quinn’s comic book history, there are sure to be some interesting characters involved. Here are the five most likely suspects:



In the comics and animated series, Batgirl was always Harley Quinn’s chief nemesis. Batgirl a.k.a Barbara Gordon is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon who is also one of Batman’s teenage sidekicks. Batgirl nearly killed Harley Quinn in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. Harley falls from a cliff whilst fighting Batgirl and is thought to have died (although it is revealed at the end of the movie that she survived).

Robin Hood:


There have been many Robins in the Batman comic/animation series, but Jason Todd has always been a fan favorite. The character was killed off in 1988 by The Joker but has since been resurrected as vicious vigilante Robin Hood in the Under the Hood event of 2005. It should also be pointed out that in Harley’s introduction at the beginning of Suicide Squad, text flashes on the screen saying “accomplice to the murder of Robin.”

The Birds Of Prey:


The Birds Of Prey are an all female team of superheroes consisting of Black Canary, The Huntress, and The Oracle. Harley Quinn has been individually involved in some sort or the other with each member. The WB network (now The CW) produced in 2002 a Birds Of Prey series with Harley Quinn as the villain.

The Joker:


The relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker has already been established in Suicide Squad. There was great chemistry between Margot Robbie and Jared Leto, so it’s very likely for The Joker to make an appearance.The movie could continue or begin at the start of the unhealthy/abusive relationship and proceed to other storylines for the characters.

Poison Ivy:

harley quinn dc

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have always been criminal partners since Batman: The Animated Series. Both characters have also been portrayed to have a relationship (and we’re not talking just being friends here) that was also confirmed by DC. The relationship between the two characters could be a great way for DCEU to promote LGBT in their films.

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