Eternals Saved Humanity By Killing Last Avatar Of Ammit In 323 BC (Theory)

Marvel execs found an awesome way to establish the MCU in the real world by solving historic mysteries in their movies. For instance, they helped the humans in creating the first modern civilisations like the one in Babylon. And Moon Knight succeeds them by establishing a connection between Egyptian Gods and the world’s biggest conqueror. But we think this connection is more than that, and even though Marvel is not ready to admit it yet, it is there. Check out this theory of how Eternals saved humanity by killing the last avatar of Ammit.

Disney+’s Moon Knight episode 4 followed Steven and Layla on their quest to find Ammit’s ushabti. Whenever a God is imprisoned, it is done in a stone statue, called the ushabti. And to free them, you need it. That is why Steven and Layla wanted to find it before Harrow did. While they were looking for it in the desert, they wandered into a tomb which later turned out to be Alexander the Great. This was a nice way of connecting the real world with the MCU by solving a 2000-year old mystery. After all, nobody even found Mr Great‘s tomb. Steven figured it out from the Macedonian scriptures which belong to Alexander’s birthplace.


But it was so much more than that. Steven later figured out that Alexander was an Egyptian God’s avatar and that too of the worst of them. He was the avatar of Ammit, or better yet, the last Avatar of Ammit. Ha was the tongue of Ammit, so it was almost poetic when Steven found Ammit’s ushabti in the voice box of the mummified body of Alexander. That’s as much history you need to learn from this show. Now, Eternals!



The Eternals are sentient Immortals, sent to Earth by the Celestials. Initially, it seemed like they were sent to help humanity survive and thrive for humanity’s good. But later in the movie, we found out that they were helping humans so that they could fuel the celestial foetus in the core of the Earth. They reached our planet around 7000 years ago, in 5000 BC, right in the time of the first human civilization. Since then, they executed Deviants, helped humans, and maybe fought some battles on which we base this theory.


In their 7000 years, they never stayed in one place. They moved from place to place, establishing more and more civilisation. And wherever they went, humans marvelled. So, as we know that Egyptian civilisation was at its prime in 2500 BC, it might mean that Eternals were there at the time. It also explains the origin of the pyramids, as they were too ahead of their time. Also, Makkari’s Egyptian artefacts further solidify the plot of our theory. Now that we have found a time when both the Egyptian Gods and Eternals were in the same place, it’s time for our theory.


Eternals saved humanity

Our theory suggests that Eternals rid the world of Ammit’s last avatar after he sought a way to bring about mass destruction. Alexander had conquered the world, just like Ammit wanted, and wanted to change the world forever. Eternals might have figured out Ammit’s plan of mass-murdering humans with bad intentions and stopped her by slaying her avatar. Egyptian Gods further stopped her by trapping her in stone. While it’s a reach, it proves just how much effect Eternals had on our survival.



Now that the focus of the series of the serous has changed from the Egyptian tomb to the illusion of the mental asylum, it’s really hard to tell if Marvel would even confirm this theory. We have so many facts to support this theory, but we haven’t received any solid proof or even a hint from any of the cast members or execs to claim this theory to be true. An eternal putting down the history’s greatest conqueror will be a nice way of connecting Moon Knight with the greater MCU. After all, they are known for this giant, interconnected universe, aren’t they?


Do you think this theory of how Eternals saved humanity could be true? Do let us know in the comments.

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