A New Powerful Character Joins Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

Powerful Character Joins Black Adam:

The development of the DC extended universe has been less than ideal for the Warner brothers. The studio hoped that the first phase (presumably the lead up to Justice League) would have been just as bombastic as the Avengers but reality has been a bit disappointing. From mixed reactions for Batman V Superman to the complete Box office derailment and the train wreck that was the theatrical cut of Justice League, the DCEU has certainly seen better days. Suffice to say that more depends on the new movies that come out (that will most likely try to change the conversation to what has happened to what will happen) rather than the ones that have failed in establishing and building excitement.

Although phase one of the DC extended universe was less than optimal, it still paved the road for the introduction of our favorite heroes in a cohesive cinematic setting and that is usually more than enough for most fans. After decades of excruciating bottom shelf treatment, the movie industry is finally realizing the gold mine that is superhero movies. Talking about the latest developments in the DC extended universe it seems that Warner Bros are betting all they have on the new Black Adam movie that is under development. From casting the hulking Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson to hyping up the fandom it seems that DC and WB are pulling out all the stops.

Shazam! Post Credits Scene Black Adam

It will be quite interesting to see The Rock undertake such an anti-hero persona more in line with his WWE character for the first time on the silver screen. He has always been a favorite of the fandom and this is one of those happy co-incidences where the studio loved the ideas proposed by the fandom. Not much else is known about the Black Adam movie but it is heavily speculated that this movie will be a stand-alone story and may not feature the “Shazam!” kids, which is quite extraordinary if you ask me. It will give the character of Black Adam to shine in its own right ( that such a complex character so deserves). Now, it seems that WB people are focusing on building a team of supporting characters that can supplement the strong personality and screen presence of Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson and Black Adam himself. To this end, this tweet of the rock is worth examining.

Oh happy days, one new superhero to complement Black Adam has arrived. Cyclone has officially entered the fray alongside the magician and she is going to be played by Quintessa Swindell. Fans of Netflix will recognize this badass maiden from the Netflix Original series Trinkets which is essentially a teen drama. It seems that Quintessa caught someone’s eye in Warner Brothers, whether through an audition or otherwise. Now she is part of the star-studded cast of Black Adam and will portray Cyclone, a member of the Justice Society of America alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

It is not unprecedented for anti-heroes to be supported by strong female badasses, in fact, it is one of those comic tropes that I much enjoy myself. Take the complex relationship of Loki and Valkyrie for example from Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarock. The movie was exceptional because of character dynamics first and the story second, although both things had their place in the larger world-building. Can DC pull off something similar in tandem with Warner Bros in Black Adam remains to be seen? For now, it seems that The Rock is definitely quite excited by the prospect.

Powerful Character Joins Black Adam

In its true sense movies are nothing but a cohesive structure for a story, a story structure that is supported by the embodiment of characters by talented actors. Quintessa is definitely talented, although, the real question is can she fit well within the superhero narrative that the DC extended universe is going for. They want to be gritty and realistic but often find themselves relying on the quips and sarcasm that’s the signature of the Marvel cinematic universe.

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Let’s just hope that the confusion of character and tone that is prevalent throughout the DC extended universe does not plague the on-going production of Black Adam and the badass flick it seems to be developing into. The fandom has a lot of expectation riding on this one and if it does not give us something to chew on the fans might write off the DCEU for good. Let’s see what happens.

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