Furious 7 – Here’s Every Brian O’Conner Scene That Wasn’t Shot by Paul Walker  

Everyone knows the tragedy that was bestowed upon the cast of Furious 7 and the family members of late Paul Walker back in 2013. Things almost got to the point for Furious 7 to get canceled. But since Walker had shot a lot of his scenes for the film, director James Wan & co decided to use Paul’s brothers Cody & Caleb Walker to finish the rest of the movie. Paul’s face was created over Cody & Caleb’s face. And ultimately the movie became a tribute to Walker and the fans actually got to give Walker a great send-off when the film came out.

After the release, BTS videos have revealed a few scenes that Cody & Caleb shot as Brian O’Conner. Weta Digital was the company that helped turn Caleb & Cody into Paul. They actually did a tremendous job as we weren’t able to figure out fake Paul Walker scenes in the movie. Even though Walker had shot a lot of the scenes, the above video proves that he wasn’t a part of many of them. Now we know all the scenes Walker wasn’t actually a part of.

Here’s a list:

– Brian puts his son in the back seat of a minivan.

– Brian is looking at a computer, with Mia (Jordana Brewster) comforting him.

– Brian shares an embrace with Mia.

– The Family, including Brian, looking out over Los Angeles, pondering their next move

– Driving a car while Dom (Vin Diesel) tends to a wounded Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell)

– Sitting at the pool with Dom, Brian smiles.

– Being rocked around as a passenger in a car chase with Dom driving.

– After being tossed from a car, Walker holds up what looks to be a computer hard drive.

So apparently, Paul Walker shot none of the parts that took place the tall Abu Dhabi buildings. He wasn’t the one sitting beside Vin Diesel when their car was supposed to jump between three buildings. Such a good job was done upon handling Paul Walker that our inner fan boys actually want him to return in the Fast Saga sometime in the future.

Brian O'Conner Scene That Wasn’t Shot by Paul Walker

Walker’s demise affected the story of the Fast Saga in a major way. Rewrites took place to retire his character from Furious 7. Then The Fate of The Furious, which was supposed to heavily include Brian O’Conner had to explain why he wasn’t brought back into the fight. Furious 9 isn’t going to include Brian even though Jordana Brewster makes her comeback as Mia.

We could argue with the fact that Brian O’Connor has to make his return in Fast & Furious 10. The Rock will be back in F10 as Hobbs. Jason Statham will also return as Deckard Shaw. If everyone is returning for the big finale, it will be a major disservice to the Fast Franchise if Brian O’Connor never came back. Dom & Brian were the ones to start this franchise. They have to be together at the end, even if it is just for a cameo. Dom is all about family. The franchise can’t come to an end without the family being complete. Cody & Caleb Walker are open to returning as Brian O’Connor. It’d be nice if Mia is also seen with Brian and their son again.

Brian O'Conner Scene That Wasn’t Shot by Paul Walker

Bringing a deceased actor back in the films is tricky & raises all sorts of ethical questions. But it has to be done for Fast & Furious 10. Brian could just make a cameo. He could come in a situation where all hope is lost, & actually become the savior. That could end his story on a high. And with this kind of an ending, we might actually get another touching moment that acts as a remembrance for the actor we all loved to see in the Fast franchise. Do you think Brian should be back? Tell us in the comments.

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