12 Hidden Details In ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ That You Missed

Details In Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice:

BvS was one of the most anticipating movies for superhero fans. For years, fans were debating over who would win in a fight between the biggest DC heroes, Batman and Superman. The much-awaited movie was going to bring this moment on the silver screen. Though the movie disappointed the majority, we must appreciate Zack Synder’s visuals and attention to detail. He gave a lot of weight to the little factors that went unnoticed in the first watch. Though subtle, these elements spoke in volumes. Here is a list of 12 hidden details in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ that you missed. Let us know if you spotted any of these hidden clues.

 1. The Excalibur Ending

The climax of BvS where Superman stabbed himself to kill the monster Doomsday mirrored the ending of Excalibur. As Superman went to kill Doomsday with the Krypton spear, he himself gets impaled by the monster. It was the retelling of Excalibur where the hero had to impale himself to kill the evil. The day Bruce Wayne’s parents died, they were leaving the theatre that was going to show Excalibur next.

 2. Bruce Wayne’s Aimless Paths

Getting a meaning out of Zack Snyder’s scenes remind us of English classes in school where the simple words didn’t mean what they projected. Similarly, Bruce Wayne is seen walking in the middle of the overgrown grasses and fields that show no paths throughout the movie. But after Superman’s sacrifice, Bruce’s head was clear of fears and doubts as he finally walked on a clear road.

 3. Superman Surrounded By Crosses

Zack Snyder’s hidden details are always on fleek. All you need is a sharp mind and eagle eyes to decipher them. When Superman dies at the end of the movie while killing Doomsday, he is surrounded by many cross-shaped items. They were telephone poles that gave a visual illustration of ‘crosses’ indicating Superman’s return in Justice League 2. Superman is considered as Jesus Christ in the DC universe and the crosses acted as Easter egg for the God-like superhero’s resurrection.

 4. Superman Size Alters After Kryptonite

The God-like invincible hero’s biggest weakness is the Kryptonite. Coming in contact with the stone renders Superman weak and susceptible to any attack. During the hero’s fight, both Batman and Superman were at the same height, looking eye to eye and fighting shoulder to shoulder. But after Batman attacks him with the Kryptonite, not only does Superman get weaker but even his size and height shrunk.

 5. Lex Luthor Connection With Suicide Squad

At the end of the movie, the genius nemesis of Superman, Lex Luthor was imprisoned at Belle Reve. That was the same prison where the Suicide Squad was locked in. This prompted the fans to suspect a Luthor connection to the Suicide Squad, but none of that happened.

 6. Batman’s PTSD

Bruce Wayne’s life was strongly dented after watching his parents’ murder. Its haunting had turned him into a vigilante fighting crime of Gotham. Another trauma is added to his mind after the Kryptonian General Zod tried to terraform Earth with the World Engine. The chaos and the loss of lives that he witnesses, affects him badly.

Even the Wayne Enterprises building is destroyed in that fight between Superman and Zod where one of Bruce’s employees loses his legs. In BvS, when Bruce wakes up to his nightmare, we can hear the sound of the World Engine in the background. This indicated how badly he was traumatized by that disaster.

 7. Real Life Senator In The Committee

The Senate committee that summoned Superman to appear consisted of Senator Purrington who was played by the real-life Senator Patrick Leahy. He happily agreed to make this cameo as he is a superhero comic book enthusiast. He has made special appearances in plenty of DC movies like Batman Forever, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. Clearly, he is a Batman fan.

 8. Nod To Watchmen

BvS dropped a Watchmen Easter egg for a brief moment when the heroes were engrossed in a battle. Vigilant fans spotted graffiti on a wall that read “Quis custodiet ipsos custodies” in Latin which translated to “Who watches the Watchmen?”

 9. Lex Luthor’s Prison Number

Every prisoner is given the roll number that becomes his identity for as long as he is in the prison. Lex Luthor’s prison id was 16 TK 421. It was an awesome homage to Star Wars where TK-421 was a Stormtrooper rank on the Death Star.

 10. Superman Surrounded By Skulls

This one was a bizarre visual homage to Man of Steel. During the Day of the Dead event, Superman is surrounded by people with skull paint on their faces. This image was a mirror of the scene from Man of Steel when he was drowning in skulls.

 11. Kryptonite Glows Near Kryptonians

Batman V Superman showed Krypton about a couple of times. Superman’s vulnerability associated with Kryptonite is so popular that the term is now synonymous with weakness. If you notice carefully, the Kryptonite didn’t glow when Bruce Wayne was working with it. It was merely a green stone around him. But the stone radiated an extreme amount of light when the Kryptonians including Superman went near it.

 12. Martha Kent’s Job At Sears

Details In Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice
Details In Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

Martha Kent used to work at Sears in Man Of Steel. But after the Sears was destroyed in Smallville, Zack Snyder made her switch her job even in the movies. That explains why Martha was a waitress in BvS.

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