7 Wildest Children of Wolverine You Never Knew About

Although Wolverine has been known to be a lone wolf, he has lived long enough to spread his seed across the Atlantic. The hero has some crazy kin which he knows nothing about until he encounters them. Here are the craziest ones:

The Mongrels:


The Mongrels were a group of mercenary mutants who were key players in the organization known as the Red Right Hand- an organization which consists of people who hate Wolverine.  When they encountered Logan, each member fight with the hero but end up being killed by him. Only after their death, Wolverine finds out that Gunhawk, Shadowstalker, Fire Knives, Saw Fist and Cannon Foot were all his children, leaving him devastated. To honor them, Wolverine buries his slain children with their mothers.


Daken was the son of Wolverine and his Japanese lover Itsu. Before Daken was born, his mother was murdered by the Winter Soldier on the order of Romulus. The villain cut Daken from his mother’s womb and left the child to Japanese couple’s care. Daken was heavily influenced by Romulus who had made Logan to be more of a villain to his son and which resulted in Daken hating him.

Jimmy Hudson:

Jimmy Hudson was introduced as the son of sheriff James Hudson in Ultimate X #1.After he gets into a car wreck, his mutant powers start to manifest, instantly healing when he was supposed to be hurt badly.He later finds out through a holographic message from Wolverine that he was his biological father. Sabretooth instantly tries to kill him as Logan’s replacement and even meets his father in Secret wars.

Hulk Jr:

In Old Man Logan, Wolverine killed all of The Hulk’s kin, all except his grandson Hulk Jr. Instead of killing him, he raised him up to become a superhero. Hulk Jr. has all of his grandfather’s superpowers and abilities but not his famous rage. He enjoyed a long career as a superhero.

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Wild Thing And Sabreclaw:

Rina aka Wild Thing was the child of Logan and Elektra. Rina grew up to become a crime-fighting superhero known as Wild Thing, her half-brother  Hudson aka Sabreclaw went the other route and became a villain. He was part of teams such as the Revengers and the Sinister six.

X-23 (Laura Kinney):

X-23 aka Laura Kinney was created from the DNA of Wolverine by an organization known as the Facility. She escapes the organization at age 11 but was trained as an expert assassin by then. She met up with Wolverine who reluctantly took her in, becoming both father figure and brother to the character. X-23 became Wolverine after Logan’s death. She joined teams such as the X-Force and the X-Men.

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