As Per the Trailer, Morbius & Venom Will Surely Be a Part of MCU’s Sinister Six

Woah!! Sony is dropping some major bombs on us!

Morbius & Venom Part of Sinister Six: 

The New Morbius trailer has brought in a lot of surprises, but people are actually confused about the big MCU connection that the trailer has made. We’ve been hearing the word about Morbius being a part of the MCU for the last 3-4 months. First, we got a potential tease that supposedly came from Tyrese Gibson, back in October. Then, the news about JK Simmons reprising his role in Morbius as J. Jonah Jameson came in. Tom Holland is in talks to appear in Venom 2. And now, Michael Keaton’s big surprise appearance proves that Morbius is a part of the MCU. This makes people think directly about the Sinister Six.

Spider-Man Website Contradicts Feige’s Explanation of the Snap

The last time we heard from Spider-Man: Homecoming & Spider-Man: Far From Home producer Amy Pascal, she said that the entire plan of the Spider-Man series is to build the Sinister Six. Since then, we’ve been thinking that the Sinister Six will only be formed with MCU specific characters while the SUMC characters will remain different. But now we have major evidence that Morbius and Venom could both become a part of the Sinister Six somehow.

First of all, In the back of a shot, we saw the graffiti art of Spider-Man. So, he clearly exists in this world even though this movie may not mention him a lot. But what’s interesting is that the art has murderer written all over it. Mysterio just revealed Peter Parker’s identity to the entire world and framed him for his own murder. So, it is natural that the world sees Spider-Man as a murderer and this could all be cannon to the MCU. But is it actually the same world as the MCU? The trailer gave us another major hint that it is!!

Morbius & Venom Part of Sinister Six

At the very end of the trailer, Michael Keaton shows up to address Morbius the Living Vampire. He says “Michael Morbius. Got tired doing the whole good guy thing huh? What’s up Doc?” It would be very stupid if Keaton is playing a character other than Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture from Homecoming. So again, another connection has been established between MCU Spider-Man & Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters.

The last time we saw Toomes, he was seemingly getting recruited by someone in Prison. Of course it was Mac Gargan aka Scorpion who came to recruit him. But there seemed to be a Benefactor behind him who was interesting in Toomes. That Benefactor could be Quentin Beck/Mysterio himself, or it could be someone new like Norman Osborn. Now, Adrian Toomes seems to be showing up to in Morbius in order to recruit Michael Morbius on behalf of his Benefactor.

Since Morbius takes place in Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters & in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we could assume that things would start to make more sense in Venom 2. Tom Holland seemingly has a cameo in Venom 2, and that’s probably when Spider-Man’s situation after Spider-Man: Far From Home will be addressed. And by the end of Venom 2, the people from Sinister Six could show up to recruit either Venom or perhaps even Carnage. And then in Spider-Man 3 we could end up seeing Peter Parker take on the Sinister Six. If you connect the dots, here’s the possible line up of the Sinister Six:

  • Vulture
  • Morbius
  • Venom/Carnage
  • Scorpion
  • Mysterio
  • Kraven

Venom & Spider-Man Character to Appear in Morbius

It’d be really nice to see Spider-Man and Venom fight each other, but poor kid Peter actually needs help against 6 other villains. And the kind of anti-heroes Venom & Morbius are starting to look like, they should actually help Peter out rather than fighting him. If even Morbius joins Spider-Man & Venom, then here’s what the Sinister Six line up could look like:

  • Vulture
  • Carnage
  • Scorpion
  • Mysterio
  • Kraven
  • Norman Osborn

Let’s see what happens. Morbius releases on July 31, 2020. Venom 2 – October 2, 2020. Spider-Man 3 – July 16, 2021.

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