15 Cameos You Might Have Totally Missed In The MCU

The MCU is a vast, vast universe. Such a plethora of characters it is easy to lost track. While the superheroes almost always catch our eye and steal the show, a lot of characters go unseen. Characters, once you know, you will be like: HOW IN HELL DID I MISS THAT!!!!

Members of the Community

Anthony and Joe Russo do not only have the honor of directing The Winter Soldier and Civil War to their credit. Before MCU reeled them in, they were kings of the comedy genre dabbling in shows like Arrested Development and Community. Apart from them, Danny Pudi plays a comms tech guy in TWS and Jim Rash was in Civil War as an MIT liaison. Even Donald Glove could be seen in Spiderman: Homecoming. We have just one question left to ask. Where is Alison Brie?!?!?!

Peter Parker

Whether the Kid that helped Tony get his mojo back on in Iron Man 3 would grow up to become Star-Lord is up for debate. But Tom Holland himself confirmed that he made a cameo in Iron Man 2. Remember the little kid with the Iron Man mask who tries to stupidly stop a hammer dron with a toy light? Yeah that was him

Elon Musk

One of the greatest innovators of this century also made an appearance in the MCU. In Iron Man 2, before Tony joins on the race track and confronts Whiplash, he is out drinking and partying (obviously). While having a one too many drinks, we see Elon shaking Tony’s hand. Two contemporaries/competitors having a friendly chat.

Michael Rosenbaum

That’s right fellas. Even Lex Luthor of Samllville got an appearance in the MCU. In GotG vol2, Yondu is having a verbal confrontation with Sylvester Stallone aka Star Hawk. Star Hawk is the leader of the Ravagers and guess who is by Stallone’s side when Yondu’s trying to talk him down. Michael Freaking Rosenbaum.

Android Human Torch

The Invaders was one of the first ever superhero teams to grace the Marvel Imprint. And for that honor one of their members got a cameo in one of their movies. Captain America: The First Avenger saw The Android Human Torch on display at the Stark Expo in an Oxygen Deprived Container.

Union Jack

As we said, Invaders were one of Marvel’s first superhero team-ups. And it’s not just The Android Human Torch who got a cameo appearance. Remember Brian Falsworth. One of the guys in The First Avenger’s Howling Commandos that the Cap rescued from the Hydra Concentration Camp. In the Comics, Falsworth is Union Jack.

Walt Simonson and J. Michael Straczynski

Walt Simonson is the guy who made Thor what he is today. His 80s run on Thor is the stuff of legends. He is also credited with creating Beta Ray Bill. Straczynski, in the comics, helped move Asgard to Oklahoma. Both make an appearance in the Thor movie.

Nathan Fillion

How many of you here have watched Slither? If not then watch it ASAP! Directed by James Gunn, the protagonist in that movie is played by Nathan Fillion. Fillion also does the voice-over of the alien jumbo freak imprisoned at the jail alongside Quill, Gamora and the others in Guardians of the Galaxy  Vol.1.

Lloyd Kaufman

Most of us don’t know much about this guy. He is the shot caller at Troma Studios. The Studio is credited for whackjob movies like Kabukiman N.Y.P.D and The Toxic Avenger. The studio is also the one to give James Gunn his big break when he wrote Tromeo and Juliet. Kaufman was awarded a cameo in the prison scene taunting Gamora when she enters the Space Prison in GotG vol. 1.

Ellen Brandt

Hardline Marvel enthusiasts would immediately recognize the name. Ellen Brandt was not only the (crazy) lady with Extremis virus that tried to kill Tony in Iron Man 2 but she also has made an appearance in the comic books. Ellen Page was the wife of Ted Sallis. She betrayed him for a super soldier serum he was working on. Sallis, to save his research injected himself with the serum and turned into the grotesque yet popular superhero Swamp Thing.

Ed Brubaker

Seldom do we come across something as poetic as this. Ed Brubaker is responsible for writing the story where Bucky finally returns from the dead and is at odds with Captain America. The guy who was programming Bucky into the Winter Soldier in Captain America: The Winter Soldier was also Ed Brubaker. The man who penned Winter Soldier in the comics is also the guy who made Bucky into what he is in the MCU today.

Dr. Yinsen


No sacrifice in the MCU is as heartbreaking as Yinsen’s was in Iron Man. To give some justice to that character, Director Shane Black made arrangements. Aldrich Killian says how Tony Stark ignored him at a party which finally pushed him to create the superbad A.I.M organization. Guess who else makes an appearance at that party.

Miley Cyrus

Ex-Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus appeared in the latest MCU’s space adventure – Guardians of the Galaxy 2. She appeared as an alien warrior android named Mainframe for 5 seconds in one of the five post-credit scenes of the movie. The character is one of the old friends of Starhawk which was played by Sylvester Stallone. She was among the characters who gathered together with Starhawk to form a kind of reunion.

Joe Russo

The co-producer of Avengers: Infinity War also made his MCU debut appearing in both in Captain America: Winter Soldier and Civil War. He appeared in the end credits of both the movies under the alias of “Gozie Agbo.” In Captain America: Winter Soldier, he was seen nursing the gun-shot Black Widow after an unexpected encounter with Bucky Barnes.  In Captain America: Civil War, he appeared as Dr. Theo Broussard who was murdered by Colonel Helmut Zemo in the bathtub of a hotel room. Prior to this, we saw him interrogating Bucky Barnes in the Joint Counter Terrorist Center.

Kate Mara

Iron Man 2 was filled with many cameos and American Horror Story’s star, Kate Mara was no exception. She appeared as a US Marshal for a tiny duration. The scenes took place right after Tony Star and Hogan left the Expo building. She was waiting for the two in front of Tony’s car and when they reach there she hands Tony a subpoena, informing him that he has to appear before the Senate Armed Services Committee. After Iron Man 2, she appeared as Fantastic Four‘s Sue Storm (A.K.A Invisible Woman).

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