Most Epic Yet Painful Sacrifices In Harry Potter Franchise

Painful Sacrifices In Harry Potter:

Our childhood is incomplete without the adventures of Harry Potter. It taught us the strength of love, friends, family, and good against evil. Even to date, we dive ourselves in the Harry Potter marathon to relive the best moments. It revives our inner child as we watch this magical world of wizards. But the moments full of fantasy gradually turned greyer as a war started to brew between good and bad wizards. Even though Harry Potter had the ultimate victory against the Dark Lord, Voldemort in the Second Wizarding War, it cost the lives of his dear ones. Many great witches and wizards fought bravely and sacrificed their lives while taking down the evil. Our passion for Harry Potter went beyond the titular boy as we grew attached to so many loving characters around Harry. They taught us unconditional love and were the soul and life of the saga. Therefore losing the heroes after knowing them for 10 years felt deeply personal. In this list, we are remembering the sacrifices of every Harry Potter hero.

 10. Fred Weasley

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It was impossible to control the stream of tears when fan-favorite character Fred Weasley died. It wasn’t easy to take in a loss of a character you grew up watching and reading about. The twins Fred and George were the life of the series who always made us laugh. Apart from their pranks, the brothers always stood for the right thing and supported Harry through many hurdles. They had no less contribution to Harry’s life after Ron and Hermione. They always helped and stepped up for Harry even when no one else did. Fred’s death was one of the most devastating moments. He was assigned to protect the Hogwarts’ passage when an explosion killed him. It took us a while to accept and process through Fred’s death.

 9. Sirius Black

Sirius Black’s Death in Harry Potter

Somehow, we felt ourselves screaming from inside along with Harry when he lost his godfather. Sirius treated his best friend’s son like his own blood. He dedicated his whole life after Azkaban to protect Harry. He always saw his best friend James in Harry Potter. Sirius put his godson on his no.1 priority and risked his life on several occasions to look out for him. He didn’t hesitate even for a second to arrive at Hogsmeade when Harry’s life was in danger.

 8. Nymphadora Tonks

Painful Sacrifices In Harry Potter

A lively yet clumsy Auror and a member of the Order of the Phoenix, Tonks was a fan-favorite character. She joined Dumbledore’s army in the wizarding battle against Voldemort and took down many Death-Eaters. However, she was later killed by Bellatrix Lestrange, leaving her and Lupin’s son, Teddy.

 7. Severus Snape

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Severus Snape was the unsung hero who dedicated his life to watch over Lily’s son even though he reminded him of James. He was always protecting Harry but never let anyone sense it. Snape was a double agent for Dumbledore who infiltrated the Death-Eaters. He didn’t mind portraying himself as the villain as long as he could protect Harry. It was sad that not everyone got to see Snape’s contribution and true intention but at least Harry learned the truth in the end.  Snape was a loyal wizard to Dumbledore and played a big role in preparing Harry for his fate.

 6. Harry Potter

The biggest strength of the boy who lived was his bravery. Like a true Gryffindor, Harry had shown courage on multiple occasions ever since he stepped in Hogwarts. His bravery was put to test again in the final part when he learned that a part of Voldemort resided within him. Harry didn’t think twice before sacrificing himself to defeat the Dark Lord.  Harry didn’t know that he’d be resurrected when he bid goodbye to his friends and walked towards his death.

 5. Professor Lupin

Painful Sacrifices In Harry Potter

Even though Lupin wasn’t so welcome by wizards for being an animagus, he was the most admired character in the series. As James and Lily’s friend and Harry’s professor, Lupin was no less than a family to Harry. He always acted as a father figure to Harry by teaching him spells, advising him, scolding him when needed, and most of all by protecting him through thick and thin. Watching his body lay beside Tonks, was a big blow to our hearts. We always looked up to Lupin. He was also a member of the Order of Phoenix who joined Hogwarts in the battle against Dark Wizards. Lupin left his son, Teddy in the custody of Harry and made him his godfather.

 4. Dobby

Dobby was one of the sweetest characters who loved Harry selflessly. There were more elements to Dobby than what we saw in the movie. He was a brave House-elf who valued his independence and didn’t hesitate to fight for his rights. After leaving the Malfoy’s, Dobby had joined the Hogwarts kitchen on regular wages. Even though House-elves couldn’t go against their master, Dobby was an extraordinary elf who betrayed Malfoy to protect Harry since day 1. In the end, he died while serving his loyalty and love to Harry and his friends.

 3. James and Lily Potter

James and Lily were the biggest rivals of Voldemort, for they weren’t afraid to go against him. It was Peter Pettigrew who betrayed his friends by revealing their hiding place to Lord Voldemort. When the Dark Lord arrived at the given location, James bravely fought him so his wife and son could escape meanwhile. However, Voldemort managed to reach Lily and killed Harry’s parents. They fought Voldemort till their last breath and their sacrifice didn’t go futile. It was Lily’s spell that protected Harry, destroyed Voldemort.

 2. Alastor Moody

Defence Against The Dark Arts Teachers

Alastor Moody was the most formidable Aurors. He was responsible for catching most of the Death-Eaters and throwing them into Azkaban. Moody was one of the martyrs who died while protecting Harry during the aerial Battle of the 7 Potters.

 1. Albus Dumbledore

Painful Sacrifices In Harry Potter

Albus Dumbledore was the greatest and the wisest wizard whose death we never saw coming despite his age. We always looked up to him since the beginning and knew that no one could be hurt under Dumbledore’s watch. He was not only the most powerful wizard but the old man formidably clever. Dumbledore ensured Harry’s safety since the day he was born. Despite his powerful status, he was down-to-earth and witty. He was always 10 steps ahead of his enemies and knew how to take down Voldemort. Watching him dying felt like a roof taken off our heads.

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