Strongest Movie Characters Who Can’t Be Defeated

Movie Characters Can’t Be Defeated:

Who is the most invincible character? An argument that has been going on for ages! In this article, we don’t talk about merely the muscular strength but the overall character and his/her strategies that make them unable to get defeated. These characters have proven more than once that size and muscles are not primary in winning a fight or a task.

 1. Sherlock Holmes

An invincible man who has no superpowers, magic nor super strength! One would say that if at all he had any superpowers, that would be his genius brain. Even the biggest and the strongest power must fear this man of high IQ.  He is quick on his feet, meticulous, and by running in his head in advance the possible sequence of the fight; he can break someone’s neck.

 2. Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible Franchise

To mention Ethan Hunt’s name in this list is inevitable. Given the degree of dangers and near-death experiences that he is thrown at, it’s a wonder how he manages to come out alive. This invincible hero can hang by a plane, climb the Burj Khalifa, and can hold breath underwater longer than an average human can. But don’t confuse it with any miracle as his bravery, speed, and a strategic mind must be credited for overcoming the IMPOSSIBLE.

 3. John Wick in John Wick

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Without a crease on his forehead, John can single-handedly beat the h*ll out of a team of assassins. What earns him such an admirable size of the fanbase is his swag and style. John makes a deadly fight look like a walk to the park for him. Even the biggest crime lords are intimidated by this man who can kill with a pencil.

 4. Neo in The Matrix

You wouldn’t expect any less from a man who can defy the gravity and fly, manipulate the matrix, and holds amazing combat skills. If these weren’t enough, well, Neo possesses the power of telekinesis so, the use of any weapons against him would be a vain attempt.

 5. Jason Bourne The Bourne Legacy

Movie Characters Can’t Be Defeated

No matter who you are, it is advisable to think thrice before messing with Jason Bourne. His mind-blowing reflexes and pro- combat skills make it next to impossible to defeat him. As if, all these weren’t enough but he possesses a plethora of different kinds of weapons. He comes from the shadows and before you know it, he will rip you apart.

 6. Dominic Toretto in Fast & Furious franchise

Toretto is mostly admired for his unmatched level of strength. After Superman and Supergirl, he is probably the first human whom we watched lift cars. Even the formers are grateful to their Kryptonian powers, but Domonic is merely a human. His other advantage is his unbeatable car speed that has, on occasions, saved people from gun firing.

 7. Professor Albus Dumbledore in The Harry Potter Series

An unexpected name in the list of young heroes and assassins! No one is nearly undefeatable as Albus Dumbledore whom even The Dark Lord couldn’t handle. Even the Death Eaters couldn’t look him in the eye, let alone be regular wizards. Nothing is more powerful that decades of experience and knowledge that Dumbledore turned into wisdom. Hogwarts was the safest in his heads as he was always several steps ahead of even the smartest and could protect without his presence. The Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in the Wizarding world, under his possession made him formidable.

 8. James Bond in James Bond Franchise (all actors)

Movie Characters Can’t Be Defeated

The kind of people and world that James Bond encounters every day, a calm and calculated mind is of utmost importance. And having these qualifications not only entitles him to fit for the job also makes him unbeatable. Combat skills are futile for a man who has no tactics. But James Bond became a legend with his agility and prudence.

 9. Beatrix “The Bride” Kiddo in Kill Bill

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Beatrix was one of the most demanded and formidable assassins. So her retirement from her job to get married was not agreeable to her boss. Despite her years of loyalty, her boss, Bill attacked her for quitting the business which sent her into a coma for four years. But when she woke up, she came back stronger with full of vengeance in her blood and thus became The Bride. The boiling vengeance made her unstoppable as she would kill anyone who’d get in her way to kill Bill.

 10. John McClane in Die Hard

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After watching almost every possible danger that John has undergone, it has been made intelligible to us that he can’t be killed. Throw any kind of peril in his way, nothing can deter nor stop this man. It’s safe to say that he is just lucky.

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