Behind The Scenes Fun Facts About MCU Avengers

Behind The Scenes MCU Avengers:

MCU phase 3 might be over but there are still some hidden treasures that haven’t been touched upon yet. As die-hard MCU fans, we are sure that you don’t want to miss these interesting stories from behind the scenes of Avengers movies. Some of them are hilarious while some have a great emotional weight attached to it.

 1. What About Captain America’s Chin?

Forget about the infamously disfigured chin of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Even Chris Evans faced the same issue with his beard. As the popular Shawarma Scene was shot after a break post the productions. Chris had already grown a beard for Snowpiercer when they got a call to shoot the post-credits scene. To cover his buzz cut and facial hair, Captain America had to don a wig and a prosthetic chin. Perhaps, that explains why Cap had a resting chin face.

 2. Truth Behind “I Love You 3000”

This phrase holds stronger value to RDJ than what appeared on the screen for Tony Stark. “I Love You 3000” uttered by little Morgan for her dad is dedicated to Iron Man forever and every time we hear it, our hearts melt. But for RDJ, they hold more value as these exact words were taken from one of his sons. It’s something that he says to his dad every day.

 3. Endgame Was Not The Original Name

Behind The Scenes MCU Avengers

Earlier, the title given to Avengers: Endgame was Infinity War 2. When the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, accidentally revealed the latter name, he realized what a big mistake it was. It hinted eager fans that the final war would have two parts. If they had announced Infinity War as the final movie, its ending and Thanos’ win would have come as a shock to the audience.

 4. Scarlett Johansson’s Pregnancy

Black Widow fans were disappointed at the superhero’s reduced appearance in Age of Ultron. And the only times that she appeared, Black Widow was surprisingly shown as a weak hostage of Ultron who was too occupied with her romantic affairs. But the little stunts and the powerful acting that she did was impressive because she was pregnant at that point.

 5. Thanos’ Entrance Came Later In MCU

Thanos Killed Iron Man

MCU is known for having its storyline pre-planned that starts developing with every movie and phase. It’s hard to believe that a big and legendary villain like Thanos wasn’t even planned by Marvel Studios. The idea occurred to Joss Whedon while he was writing. He realized that MCU needed a bigger power above Loki.


 6. Avengers: Endgame Was Influenced By Star Trek

Behind The Scenes MCU Avengers

Kevin Feige happens to be a Star-Trek fan. And he has confessed on infusing elements of Star- Trek: The Next Generation to Endgame. Fans who have seen both must have guessed the parallel ending. Endgame had also given a satisfying end to the whole phase, an idea inspired by “All Good Things…” episode. And finally, the same autograph style of the six Avengers in the end credits was the third reference.

 7. Ant-Man & The Wasp Were Supposed To Be In Avengers

Ant-Man and the Wasp 3 Into Disney+ Series

Ant-Man and his partner, Wasp, had a different fate in MCU as Joss Whedon wanted to introduce them in the first Avengers movie. But MCU had other plans and went on to make standalone movies on Ant-Man first. This idea seemed to work out better as not only did we get two comedy-action but the audience felt more connected to Scott Lang.

 8. Spider-Man’s Last Breath Was Improvised

Spider-Man 3 Plot Leak Tells Dark Tale For Peter

After Thanos’ snap, no-one’s disintegration hit as hard as Spider-Man’s did in Infinity War.  When Peter Parker disappeared into dust, the pain in his eyes, and his lines reflected how scared the young boy was to die. This moment was improvised by the talented Tom Holland. He wasn’t given any dialogue but only explained the scene and when the cameras started rolling, ad-libbed what became the most heart-breaking line.

 9. Josh Brolin Wore A Purple Foam Hat

Disney Avengers: Infinity War Avengers: Endgame

Showing Thanos on the screens was easier with CGI than shooting with him in reality. That’s because the Avengers had to look at Thanos’ face who was way taller and bigger than Josh Brolin. To make it easier for the actors to look at the same spot, i.e., his face, Josh Brolin put on a foam hat.

 10. James Spader Was The Only Choice For Ultron

Behind The Scenes MCU Avengers

Normally, a character asks for auditioning, screen-testing, and shortlisting talented actors. But this wasn’t the case for Ultron as Joss Whedon was determined on whom he wanted to play the evil android. He knew that Ultron could be made a memorable villain only by his voice. Hence, he found James Spader’s calm yet engrossing voice perfect for Ultron.

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