Marvel is Reportedly Considering The Return of Thanos in MCU

The Return of Thanos in MCU: 

Thanos has been a top tier character for Marvel. He was one of the main reasons why Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame ended up grossing over $4.8 billion combined. Sure he died twice in Endgame, but that doesn’t mean he still couldn’t return. The MCU is a comic book movie universe. So like the comics, death isn’t the end of a character. It is just a revolving door. So, those of us who have been assuming that Thanos could return in the MCU are absolutely spot on. Yes, he can return, and the latest report suggests that we’d see him sooner rather than later.

Return of Thanos in MCU

It’s obvious that we won’t be seeing Thanos this year as the 3 MCU projects (Black Widow, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier & WandaVision) that are confirmed to arrive this year would have nothing to do with Thanos. But, the projects that are coming next year could certainly show us Thanos making a brief cameo somewhere, or even playing a substantial role in one the projects. The fact that Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic has recently reported that Marvel is considering the return of Thanos right now, our assumption automatically becomes valid.

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Here’s what Jeremey Conrad wrote:

“I learned tonight from one of my most reliable sources that Marvel Studios is beginning to talk about some way to have Thanos featured in a movie again in the future. It’s not definitely happening, it’s just something “in the cards”, but the big purple guy still looms large in their minds. There’s no specific storyline or anything like that mentioned, so I have no idea how it’ll work. But with time travel and the multiverse now a thing in the MCU there are infinite possibilities of how we can see Thanos again.”

Well, Conrad has just stated what is an absolute fact here. Projects like Eternals and Loki present a strong case for Thanos’ return. Thanos is an Eternal with a deviant syndrome in his genes. That’s why he looks different. Concept art for a young Thanos was released a while back. So, a young Thanos could have an appearance in Eternals. Because Thanos’ backstory was never explored to a greater extent in Infinity War or Endgame, it is a possibility that it could be explored in one of the Eternals films. After all, Thanos’ brother Eros is supposed to join the MCU in the future. He could certainly be a beacon for Marvel to explore Thanos’ past.

Return of Thanos in MCU

As far as Loki is concerned, you have to keep in mind that Thanos was the one to send Loki to Earth in order to retrieve the Tesseract. Since Loki has already done that (thanks to Hulk and future Tony), Thanos might pursue Loki after finding out that he escaped with the Space Stone. If not Loki, then Doctor Strange 2 could be another project that makes Thanos’ return plausible. It is going to introduce the Multiverse. So, we could travel to one of the Universes where Thanos is still active and pursuing his goal.

As of now, we can only assume how Marvel is going to bring back the Mad Titan, but we can be sure that they will certainly do it. Even Thanos’ creator Jim Starlin feels the same. Back in April,  spoke to Starlin and they specifically talked about Thanos. They asked Starlin if he was satisfied with how Thanos’ story came to an end in the biggest film of all time. Starlin replied by saying that he doesn’t really believe Thanos’ story arc to be fully complete, and he believes that Thanos will be seen soon enough.

Return of Thanos in MCU

Starlin said:

“Well, I understand that the story’s not completely ended. They’ve already announced that. I think a young Thanos appears in The Eternals. I remember reading that somewhere. They made a shit load of money off this guy. So I don’t see them retiring him anytime soon. Comic book characters tend to have an extended lifespan beyond the actors who work on them. I’m half expecting to see much more Thanos down the line.”

So, we’ve gotta believe this if Thanos’ creator himself believes it. Where do you think Thanos could make his return? Tell us in the comments down below.

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