The Real Reason Why Thanos Was So Surprised When Captain America Held Him Back

One of the few drawbacks of Infinity War was that Captain America didn’t get a whole lot of screen time in the movie. Thor, Iron Man, Doctor Strange & Hulk got their shot at Thanos. But by the time Thanos came face to face with Cap, he became too strong having acquired 5 of the 6 Infinity Stones already. In fact, he didn’t even use the Infinity Stones and was able to knock Cap down like he was nothing. Thankfully, the Russos redeemed Cap in Endgame as he got his shot to take on Thanos where he almost won.

But there was one interesting moment that had us all stunned for an instance. By all, I mean Thanos as well. As Thanos was making his move to get the Mind Stone, Cap was the last line of defence before he reached WandaVision. Cap’s fight with him wasn’t as great as Iron Man or Doctor Strange, but it was surprising because he was actually able to hold back someone as strong as Thanos. It was only for a few seconds and Thanos was quite shocked. It seemed that he was surprised to see the spirit & strength of someone who in his eyes, is no more than a human. But today, we’ve got a very fitting theory that suggests the real reason for why Thanos was starstruck. It wasn’t just Cap’s strength that had surprised him. It was so much more. Joshua Steel came up with this theory, and The Canadian Lad brought it forward via the following video:

Take a look at this scene once again. While you’re at it, focus upon where Cap holds Thanos’ hand. He holds the two fingers that have the power stone and the soul stone. So, the theory is that holding the pinky finger with the Soul Stone sort of made a connection between the Soul Stone & Cap. And since Thanos had the Soul Stone, he was actually able to see Cap’s entire life flash in front of him in a blink of an eye.

Avengers: Endgame Theory Captain America Infinity Gauntlet

The Soul Stone’s powers allowed Thanos to see how Steve started off as a little man who wasn’t afraid to stand up to bullies. He was amazed at Steve’s fighting spirit and his struggle. If you look at Thanos’ expressions in slow motion, you’d see that he isn’t just shocked. His eyes are moving as if he is watching or reading something. So, we’d like to believe that what he was watching here was Cap’s determination and his compassion. The reason he made that shocked face was because he saw everything Cap had gone through. He saw everything Steve had lost in his life and he was almost inspired by how Steve was still willing to fight for what he thought was right. This theory only increases our loving and respectful feeling towards Cap.

This isn’t a theory that someone just came up with overnight. There’s actually some evidence of this happening in the comics. In the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, which Avengers: Infinity War & Avengers: Endgame are loosely based upon, Nebula wielded the Infinity Gauntlet and when Thanos touched the soul stone, she was able to look into Thanos’ soul and his life. So, something like this could’ve happened with Cap. Sure, the use of a stone is indicated when the stone is glowing. And the Soul Stone wasn’t glowing when Cap held Thanos. But we’re willing to ignore that because this theory is quite awesome.

Since it’s so great, let’s try and validate it with one more example. When Captain Marvel held Thanos’ Gauntlet in an effort to prevent him from closing his fist, the Gauntlet stopped glowing. In this case, it wasn’t glowing because Captain Marvel actually started to absorb the energy that the Infinity Stones were emitting. Her energy absorption ability is what made her strong enough to not even flinch when Thanos hit her with a head butt. So similarly, Cap may have somehow connected with the soul stone, if not the others. And that allowed Thanos to literally look into his soul.

This was an Infinity Stone which wasn’t used much in Infinity War. So, would you like it if this is where the soul stone was used once more? Tell us in the comments down below.


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