Star Wars Characters Rated In Order of Foxiness

The Force Awakens has introduced a host of new characters that are just as compelling and leave as much of an impression as the original characters. We decided to rate the most intriguing ones in order of swoon-worthiness.

5. Kylo Ren

It cannot be denied that he did an unforgivable thing, and everyone who watched The Force Awakens fantasized about sticking a lightsaber into his guts should they ever meet him on the street. But he has positives too : The tortured tussle between the dark and the light within him, that reminds us so much of Anakin, his genuine interest in Rey, and his grasp of the Force. This is a purely objective rating that was not at all influenced by Adam Driver’s face/hair/voice (really). It is Ren’s confusion within himself, about who is right, the world or him, that makes this “guy in a mask” so relatable. We, however, bumped him down to number five because he made Chewbacca cry.

4. Maz Kanata

Maz Kanata, voiced by Lupita Nyong’o was a character we loved instantly. She was a mishmash of Yoda’s age-old wisdom, a wry wit that instantly made her contemporary, and an individuality and sass that was all her own. She reminded us of our grandmothers, and symbolized a safe space, a place we can take refuge in for shelter when times are turbulent.

3. Finn

Finn, was, in some way, the heart of the movie. The renegade stormtrooper showed us that light can exist in the darkest of places. He is fiercely loyal and does the right thing. He is a non-conformist, and his less-than-perfect composure makes him human to us. He provides a lot of the humour in the movie, and in the intimidatingly perfect space occupied by Rey and Han Solo, shows us that little insecurities have a place in the heroic too, and that heroism isn’t just about the powerful and the strong. The guy on the periphery who picks a fight with the strongest man in the universe to save his friend can be a hero too.

2. Rey

Rey is undoubtedly everything a big-budget action hero should be: fierce, strong, and the possessor of a straight moral compass. She is a strong female role model who reminds us of Leia, her interactions with Han about the ways of pilots are everything, and she is the strongest Jedi in the universe, the hope that will set things right, and the new Luke. And if you need more proof of her awesomeness, here’s Daisy Ridley deadlifting 80 kgs : Yes, you heard that right.

1. BB8

R2D2 will always have a place in our collective hearts, but BB8 is honestly the provider of the emotional component of the movie. The droid tugs at our hearts with its plaintive beeping when he can’t find his master, the dogged persistence of which it follows Rey around, and for being an adorable little thing that rolls along everywhere. There is literally nothing wrong with him.

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