5 Things That Every Marvel Fan Should Know About Blind Al

The makers of Deadpool movie featured a blind old skinny woman exchanging banter with Wade Wilson. Her original name in the comics is Althea. Her current alias is Blind Alfred or Blind Al. She is an important supporting character in Deadpool universe, she was involved with British Intelligence with her base of operations in Zaire when mercenary Wade Wilson was sent there to kill her. He killed everyone but allowed her to flee. Later when he became Deadpool, he met her again and captured her.

Here are 5 things that every Marvel fan must know about Blind Al.


She was the original Black Widow:

It was mentioned in the comics that she was the original Black widow who is good with weapons but had a tortured past, and she thought Wade Wilson could help redeem her past sins.

5 Things That Every Marvel Fan Should Know About Blind Al

She dated Captain America in the 1940’s:

She is very old which can be proven by the fact that she dated Captain America during the time of World War 2.


She is like Robin if Deadpool is Batman:

She is secretly a bad-ass assassin who is like a friend, housekeeper, confidant and a motherly figure to Deadpool who is there by his side whenever he needs her.

She deeply loves her dog:

Her only family is her Deuce the Devil dog who was gifted to her by the Deadpool himself.


She keeps herself busy with hobbies:

She is a pretty colorful character who likes needlepoint, symbol collecting, planning escape routes, watching Matt Lock and tune into the Daily show.



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