3 Details You Didn’t Notice In Batman Movies

The comic book universe is divided into two forces, Marvel and DC. Each one is trying to supersede each other delivering new stories in the cinematic universe. This two comic fandom is a never ending state in the comic book universe. And it seems like there is nothing interesting than knowing about easter eggs and spoilers. Irrespective of the comic book forces, comic book films have to face the fan analysation, especially DC universe movies. Today we are counting down on three Batman secrets hidden in movies.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


Zack Snyder had one thing in mind for BvS: Dawn of Justice. During the making of Man of Steel, he wanted more experienced and older Batman who was aware of the alleys of Gotham city. He said he was unaware of one poster in Man of Steel which read, “ Keep Calm and Call Batman”. It showed he was of the trustworthy and well-known figure. Moreover, a satellite shown with a Wayne Enterprise logo gave an indication of fights between both the characters in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

2. Batman Begins


Batman Begins provided a hint of the possible appearance of Joker in the sequel. In the closing of the film teased the fans over the small detail as it looked like the card was in the police custody. And it showed that it was recovered by J Kerr, who is one of the aliases that Joker has knows from a long time. That means it was Joker who handed the card under J Kerr.

3. The sketch


Tim Burton’s movies are one of the greatest movies in the entire Batman history. He knows well how to pay tribute to the comic book characters. In one of the scenes, when reporter Alexander Knox holds a Bat sketch when he was searching for Batman. The sketch was signed by none other than Burton.

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