The Matrix 4 Theory – Keanu Reeves May Be Playing Agent Smith, Instead of Neo

The Matrix 4 was supposed to arrive on May 21 next year. But it has been pushed to April 2022. We didn’t know anything about the next chapter in the widely appreciated Matrix saga, so the entire ball game is running on wild theories just like it was for Marvel’s Infinity War and Endgame. Just recently, we covered a theory that stated how Keanu Reeves could be playing a new version of The One, instead of actually returning as Neo. Now, we’ve got another theory that could spoil the big twist of The Matrix 4, as it turns our favorite hero of the story into the big villain of the franchise.

The Matrix 4 Theory – Keanu Reeves May Be Playing Agent Smith, Instead of Neo

Hugo Weaving played Agent Smith in the original Matrix trilogy. Weaving’s performance was loved so much by the fans that despite the death of Agent Smith in The Matrix, the character was brought back in a very interesting way. When the announcement of another Matrix film completely surprised us, it was revealed that Hugo Weaving was asked whether he could make a return as Agent Smith. So, this fact in itself confirms that Agent Smith will be involved in The Matrix 4 in some way. But since Hugo Weaving’s schedule wasn’t vacant, he isn’t coming back in The Matrix 4. So the question that gets raised is, how exactly will Agent Smith make his return?

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The last time we saw Agent Smith in The Matrix: Revolutions, he assimilated into Neo and tried to take over, but that caused both of them to be destroyed. After a new set video of the upcoming film got leaked recently, CBR came up with a theory suggesting that since Weaving isn’t returning, there is a chance that if Agent Smith has to return, then he cannot return in his old form. Instead, he could have actually taken the form of Neo.

The Matrix 4 Theory – Keanu Reeves May Be Playing Agent Smith, Instead of Neo

When Agent Smith returned in The Matrix: Reloaded, he revealed that because a part of Neo resided in him after the first movie, he was able to duplicate himself by infecting the other programs of the Matrix. But his abilities got even stronger as he even infected Bane, a character residing in the real world of living humans. So, the theory is that Agent Smith survived when he assimilated into Neo, and he is now coming back disguised as Neo. This theory has risen because just like a swarm of Agent Smiths attacked Neo in the last two Matrix movies, the aforementioned set video shows multiple duplicates swarming two vehicles. Since this is a tactic Agent Smith has used already, there’s obviously the chance of these people being Agent Smith itself. And this time, the face (Neo’s) that was chosen as “The One” 6 times previously, could now come to haunt everyone.

The Matrix 4 Theory – Keanu Reeves May Be Playing Agent Smith, Instead of Neo

We believe that Neo cannot return to the Matrix 4 movie since it will utterly ruin the ending of The Matrix Revolutions where Neo sacrificed himself and drew a peace treaty between the Machine world and the humans. But the world of Matrix is, extremely unpredictable. Anything can happen. Neo may return as Agent Smith. Or maybe Lana Wachowski’s mind has a vision for Keanu Reeves none of us can fathom.

The Matrix 4 Theory – Keanu Reeves May Be Playing Agent Smith, Instead of Neo

When you talk about AI villains, the one thing that you should keep in mind is that it is really hard to kill them. We still don’t believe that Ultron is completely dead in the MCU. And similar is the case with Agent Smith. But, people would get the biggest of shocks if Keanu Reeves secretly turns out to be Agent Smith, the big bad villain instead of the hero that everyone is looking forward to. Let’s see what happens.

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the next Matrix movie. It’s sad that we’ll have to wait till the next year to get any real intel upon the upcoming movie. The Matrix 4 comes out on April 1, 2022.

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