Keanu Reeves Returns as The One in Matrix 4. But he is no Longer Neo

Keanu Reeves Returns in Matrix 4:

The Matrix trilogy is counted as one of the greatest science fiction movie franchises of all time. Releasing in 1999 with The Matrix, and completing the Trilogy with The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions on May 15 and November 5 of 2003, the movie series has become a cult classic, adored by fans all over the globe. Keanu Reeves played the eponymous character of Neo, the primary protagonist of the Matrix series of movies. Thomas Anderson aka Neo was a talented hacker who found the truth about an Artificial Intelligence fabricated reality humans were slaves to and managed to escape.

Now called Neo in the new world where humanity was on the verge of extinction and the planet was dying, he joined forces with Morpheus to stop the machines from destroying Zion, the last bastion of humanity on Earth. Neo saved humanity in the end and was then lost to the Matrix forever. Turns out, there is yet another prophecy. Presenting – Keanu Reeves returns as The One in Matrix 4. But he is no longer Neo!!

Keanu Reeves Returns in Matrix 4

The chances of another Matrix movie looked bleak after the Matrix trilogy ended in the year 2003. Neo was no longer connected to the Matrix, sacrificing his life to stop Agent Smith save Zion. Keanu Reeves returning to the series was thought to be next to impossible since his character met a definitive end. Turns out, he is returning. Matrix 4 was announced last year in late 2019. Many characters from the original trilogy series like Niobe (played by Jada Pinkett Smith), Trinity (Played by Carrie Anne-Moss), and the Merovingian (Played by Lambert Wilson), are returning to play a part in Matrix 4, which will be directed by Matrix co-creator Lana Wachowski. So many old faces from the original movie prove that Matrix 4 will not be a reboot but rather a continuation of the events of Matrix Revolutions.

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Keanu Reeves’ return does raise some pretty solid questions. Since he played Neo in the original trilogy, should we expect a return of the fan-favorite character in the new Matrix 4 movie? Or is it going to be a completely different character with no connections to Neo? A popular theory states that the answer lies in the latter half of the equation.

The world of Matrix has created a rather mind-boggling reality where literally nothing is predictable. The plot and character details form the fourth Matrix chapter are super scarce. So the online community is running on fumes and relying on fan theories to get the ball rolling. One such fan theory gives us a view of the scenario. This theory states one simple fact –Keanu Reeves is not playing Neo. He is still The One but this time, the tale is a little different.

Keanu Reeves Returns in Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves’ Neo sacrificed himself to save Zion and stop Agent Smith from taking over the Matrix. Agent Smith, who was once on the Machines’ side rebelled against his masters and went rogue! He became a virus that started infecting the matrix, turning everyone into a version of himself. This led to Neo venturing out into the surface and making an arrangement with the Machines. In return for helping him stop Agent Smith and save Zion, Neo would assimilate him-self into the Matrix Program. In return, humanity will slowly be freed from the Matrix, and mankind will once again roam freely on the planet. Neo stopped Agent Smith from taking over the Matrix. And the Architect let the humans he kept as batteries to power the machines go scot-free. In the process, Neo gave up his life since the only way he could save everyone was by putting his own life on the line.

The question of whether Neo’s return has a definite answer. It looks like it is a hard no. Neo cannot return to the Matrix 4 movie since it will utterly devastate the beautiful ending of The Matrix Revolutions and kill the hype entirely. But the world of Matrix is, like we said, extremely unpredictable. Anything can happen. Neo may return in some form or another. Or maybe Lana Wachowski’s mind has a vision for Keanu Reeves none of us can fathom.

There is one possibility that suggests Neo does return to Matrix 4. The Machines refused to return Neo’s ‘corpse’ back to Morpheus. The video game Matrix Online, which is thought to be a sequel to Matrix Revolutions, also suggested that Neo’s source code still is present within the digital realm of the Matrix. Moreover, Neo is The One. He is basically a God within the Matrix. He has been resurrected once within the trilogy. Why not again??

Theory – Keanu Reeves is the Next Iteration of The One in Matrix 4

The prophecy states that humanity, either consciously or subconsciously, is aware of the fact that they are trapped in a simulated reality. While individually these thoughts do not amount to anything, they are still code frames that keep floating aimlessly within the Matrix. Every once in a while, these abstract thoughts would form a collective union once they are pretty huge in numbers and occupy one individual entity, who would become The One. The one will have limitless powers since this collective consciousness of thoughts would ensure that the individual is no longer bound by the artificial boundaries set by the Matrix. In short, The One would become a God.

This is a proven fact that Neo is not the First The One. There have been some that came before him. Humanity has been around for a long time and as innately skeptic beings, multiple versions of The One have existed throughout time. There were five The Ones that came before Neo. Neo is actually the sixth person to step on that pedestal. The rest of the five chosen ones who were also destined to meet the Architect and get the choice of resetting the Matrix or let humanity go free chose the former because they believed that as of then, the world was in balance and it should be protected at all costs. What set Neo apart was that he was the first of that mantle to choose to let humanity go! Neo may be the sixth in line but he certainly was the most important one.

The theory takes us back to the very end of Matrix Revolutions. When Neo confronts the Architect, the latter reveals that many before him came and were given a choice and the screen shows the past versions of The One, all choosing to let humanity remain within the Matrix. All of them had Neo’s faces. Maybe somehow, all versions of The One were Neo all along.

Now that Humanity has a choice to either remain or eject them-selves from the Matrix, there will be very little pool of human resources to create a collective consciousness of doubt and skepticism to let the ball roll to create the next version of The One. Since Matrix 4 is happening, this means that the Human-Machine Truce has fallen through and things are back to the past normal. Another The One is needed but this time, there aren’t enough humans to create and channel that kind of power into an individual.

We know that the Matrix is a digital organism in itself. Like any other sentient organism, it will fight to protect itself from harm. With troubles escalating, the Matrix could just look back to the Code of Neo and create a digital copy of him, considering he was the only successful candidate within that mantle. But the only downside, if this theory is true, is that then Neo will not be able to exist outside the Matrix since he is, after all, an artificial construct. Devoid of his predecessor’s memories, Matrix 4 will see this Digital Neo assuming the role of the seventh iteration of The One. Maybe Matrix 4 will finally see Neo pass on the role of the lead hero to a younger generation.

Talk about a grand passing the torch scheme. This theory truly is brilliant indeed!!

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