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Black Adam Is Making A Necessary Change That’s Needed in All Dwayne Johnson Movies

The DCEU has grown by leaps and bounds over the last couple of years. There are two main reasons for this success. The first of these reasons is the fact that WB has completely overhauled its release schedule and panel of movies to distance itself from the disaster of the Justice League theatrical cut. They seem to want to soft reboot their franchise through the events of The Flash. Whether this attempt will be successful or not remains to be seen. However, one thing that WB has always got right is their casting choice. Even with Black Adam, they seem to be teaching a lesson to all Dwayne Johnson movies. Let me explain what I mean by that.

The Rock is a pop icon. He has fans worldwide, and his popularity has always been sky-high. He was the most popular wrestler in the WWE at the height of the attitude era, but then he went into the movie. Suddenly, the badass wrestler had turned into a family brand, like that of a big teddy bear who only knows how to smile. Don’t get us wrong, The Rock has done an amazing job creating and maintaining an incredible repertoire in Hollywood. One that conforms with his highly marketable brand, making him one of the most sought-after actors of our time. But there is a downside to this success.


What All Dwayne Johnson Movies Have Done Wrong

The thing is that all of these movies that Dwayne Johnson has done tend to get a bit same. Take Jumanji, Jungle Cruise, and Journey 2 for example. All of these movies had a similar light-hearted tone and the Rock was supposed to be this de facto leader of the group who ended up saving their ass at the end of every movie. This is the sort of thing that has been happening with The Rock. Even when he is part of an action movie, his role becomes more of a comic relief than a real threat.


There has been only one slight departure from this formula in the Fast & The Furious franchise. Hobbs is the only character who is a no-nonsense business guy most of the time but even he is prone to dropping quips like The Rock’s other characters. We feel that Black Adam will go in a completely opposite direction. The movie’s promotional material suggests that the movie will ignore Rock’s typical typecast and throw him into the deep end of acting. Dwayne Johnson will be playing the role of the titular character and be very different than your average superhero.


all Dwayne Johnson movies

Usually, Black Adam is a villain in the comics, but The Rock will be playing a slightly different version of the character. This Black Adam is an anti-hero and he kills to eradicate evil. It will create a philosophical difference with the other superheroes of the DCEU, especially Superman/Supergirl. The Rock will be forced to employ his acting skills to the character and turn them up to a 100 if he wishes to do it justice. We think that it would be interesting to see what ends up happening in the movie.


The Future

Up until now, we have seen The Rock take up the role of the lovable character. He might look tough and mean but he is a big softie on the inside. That is the kind of thing that has made The Rock an extremely lovable brand. However, Adam rules with fear and not reverence. His power is his Iron Hand and there are not many people in the world who can stand up to this magician and we fear that there might be none in the DCEU at the moment.


The next step of the plan would be to see wait and watch what the movie has in store for us. Fixing this mistake by all Dwayne Johnson movies should be the first thing on everyone’s agenda. But WB will be WB.

Let us know what you think about our analysis and speculation down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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