6 Nova Villains Want to See in His MCU Project

For a long time now, there has been discussion regarding a project surrounding Nova. It was just recently reported that we will be getting a Nova project with the writer for Moon Knight set to pen the script for the project. Whether it ends up being a series on the Disney+ platform or a movie is yet to be announced. Over the years, fans have theorized that the MCU has had various moments to set up the arc of Nova. It would be quite fitting to see the character finally make his debut, but there’s still the question about the other characters appearing in the project. Let’s take a look at some absolutely fitting Nova villains want to see in his MCU project(s).

Sphinx – The Immortal Sorcerer From Ancient Egypt

One of the chief sorcerers under the employment of Ramesses II, Amath-Na-Mut was exiled to the desert sands, never to be heard from again. But then he came across the Ka stone that ended up giving him immortality. Ever since then, he aimlessly wandered around the planet as the immortal Sphinx. As he came across Nova, he ended up believing that the Nova Force could end his immortality thus becoming a significant villain.


Blastaar – The Exiled Baluurian King

Once the proud ruler of the mighty Baluurian race, Blastaar hails from the Negative Zone. Things went against his fate when Blastaar’s reign would come to an end as the Baluurians mutinied and won. Blastaar ended up going to the Negative Zone after being trapped in a containment suit and exiled out of the empire. Being from the Negative Zone actually gave him access to a lot of interesting abilities. This is not all since he also has a lot of other superhuman physical attributes.


Galactus – The Devourer Of Worlds

Nova Villains Want to See

Galactus is a daunting villain most fans of the franchise are well aware of by now. There have been various times where the character had come across the Avengers and he is even considered the most powerful villain across the cosmos. Once, he tried to devour some worlds that were under the protection of Nova and even went ahead to devour Xandar. There have been moments where this character was actually hinted at in the MCU. It would be interesting to see this character finally make his appearance in the franchise.


Annihilus – The Leader Of The Annihilation Wave

While there are various villains who can be associated with the Marvel character, Annihilus, indirectly, helped Richard Ryder become the most powerful man in the universe. It was this villain who had laid to waste to various planets and finally made his move on Xandar. Xandar was the seat of the Xandarian Worldmind and thus under the circumstances, it chose Richard Ryder to wield the Nova Force. Even though he led to the becoming of Nova, he is also associated with another upcoming MCU character, Mr. Fantastic.


Dr. Sun – The Brain In A Box

This underrated villain was a brilliant scientist who worked for the Chinese government and managed to perfect brain transplants. But then he would end up being sentenced to death by his own government and treated in an inhumane manner. A robotic body now holds the brain making him functionally immortal. At the same time, he also manages to have intelligence that many Nova villains cannot even boast of.


Apox – The Omega Skrull

Nova Villains Want to See

Apox is a villain that many fans of Marvel might not know. But this Skrull was actually genetically engineered to near Godlike perfection. When the Skrulls lacked in combat, Apox showed up and paved the way for their win. Things would take an interesting turn when Apox would realize his powers and strengths and invest in them by asking others to stay below him. When they refused, Apox ended up slaughtering all of them. This was not the end as this was followed by a killing spree from his side.

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