15 Powerful Marvel Weapons We Would Like to See in MCU Phase 5

Marvel Weapons in MCU Phase 5:

The Marvel Universe is filled with dangerous objects. Some can make you a God while some can give you the power to bestow Godhood on others. Some are so powerful that no mortal could ever wield them while some are so rare that they seldom come into the hands of the ordinary. Some are natural while others are artificial. The list goes on and on but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is guilty of not being able to quite make it up to the comic book lore when it comes to featuring powerful weaponry. All they have done so far is feature the Infinity Stones as McGuffins. Marvel needs to do more. Presenting – 15 Powerful Marvel Weapons we would like to see in MCU Phase 5!!

1. All-Black aka the Necro-Sword

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Before the dawn of time, the universe was just a goo of darkness and light forever fighting for control. From the depths of darkness ruled an evil entity called Knull, the god of the Symbiotes. To slay the forces of light, he created the symbiote sword called the All-Black. Knull was defeated but his sword found its way to a being called Gorr, who used the All-Black then bonded to his body to slay Gods. Thus, Gorr earned the nickname the God Butcher and the necro-sword came to be known as the God-Slayer.

 2. The Muramasa Blade

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Muramasa was a famed Japanese sword-smith whose creations bore enchantments that made their wielders pretty much invincible. His swords were always in high demand and were extremely destructive so Muramasa only created a select few. The Muramasa Blade was Muramasa’s Crown Jewel amongst his creations. There are actually two versions of the blade. The first one was called the Black Blade and contained a part of Muramasa’s own soul. The second version contained a portion of Wolverine’s soul and is the only thing in the world that could kill Logan.

 3. The M’Kraan Crystal

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

The M’Kraan Crystal is a mystical gem that also houses the white room, the headquarters of the dimension hopping superhero outcast team known as the Exiles. Considering the fact that the MCU is slowly and gradually moving towards outer space, the M’Kraan Crystal could take the place of the Infinity Stones in the future. The M’Kraan Crystal’s powers are mystical but devastating. It contains an entire city within it and if the crystal is destroyed, the resulting black hole created would engulf the whole universe.

 4. The Techno-Organic Virus

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

The Techno-Organic Virus is a futuristic viral strain that attacks living tissue and converts them to technology. This leads to the infected host eventually turning into an amalgamation of tech-based tissue with the sole purpose of spreading the virus to other organic life forms. The Techno-Organic Virus is famously associated with Cable. Considering Fox is being bought by Disney, Cable and the techno-organic virus might soon end up in the MCU.

 5. The Ultimate Nullifier

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

The Ultimate Nullifier is a technology so exotic that it does not even belong to this universe. It is a technology that originally hails from Taa-II, the homeworld of Galactus, a being that was born in the universe that predates this one. The Ultimate Nullifier is a weapon that is actually even more dangerous than the Infinity Gauntlet. It has the power to recreate or destroy entire timelines. The only limit is the intellect and the level of imagination of the wielder.

 6. Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

There have been two movies that feature Juggernaut in a major role. And yet both the movies have failed to showcase the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, the actual source of all of Cain Marko aka the Juggernaut’s powers in the comic books. The Entity known as Cyttorak bestows incredible powers to whosoever possesses the Gem, making him/her his host and therefore immortal as well as invincible. Its mystical origins might hold good in a Doctor Strange movie.

 7. Golden Mace of Hercules

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Hercules is a big name in Marvel Comics. But he has failed to appear in the movies until now. When he does, we would like Hercules to come into the spotlight with his trademark Golden Mace. The weapon was crafted by Hephaestus, the chief weapons-smith of Olympus and is forged out of pure Adamantine, Olympus’ equivalent to Uru. It would be cool to watch Hercules with his adamantine mace duke it out with Thor and his Uru-hammer.

 8. Fear Gas

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

No, it is not a trademark DC thing. Scare Crow is not the only villain that has the ability to use people’s fear against them. Mister Fear is a recurring Daredevil villain that uses the fear Gas to achieve the same effects on his victims that Scare Crow does with his Fear Toxin. It would be interesting to see Tony Stark, Captain America and the rest of the Avengers react when faced with their greatest fears.

 9. The Scorpion Battle Suit

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Mac Gargan is also known as the Scorpion, a classic Spider-Man villain. The Scorpion made its debut as Mac Gargan in the movies in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Mac appeared twice in the movie, including one time in the Post Credits scene. All we are asking for is that Spider-Man: Far From Home feature Mac Gargan in his classic bionic scorpion themed super suit whipping that mechanical tail around and wreaking havoc.

 10. Glue Gun of Paste-Pot Pete

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

There were quite a few villains in Spider-Man: Homecoming that everyone failed to notice. There was the Shocker. The other two henchmen of the Vulture were also operating under different monikers. This made for a fun little Easter egg and comic book reference trip and we hope Far From Home will keep the ball rolling. One villain in particular that we would like the movie to reference is Paste Pot Pete, a guy who uses a gun that can shot a sticky substance that also happens to be the strongest glue in the planet. Paste Pot Pete is otherwise known as the Trapster.

 11. Zeke Stane’s bio-mechanical enhancements

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Zeke Stane is Obadiah Stane’s son in Marvel Comics and frankly, he is much more interesting as a character. Zeke Stane is a born genius just like Tony Stark. From the age of nine, he started developing advanced- weaponry and sold it in the black market to the highest bidder. Using that money, he would later reverse engineer all of the Stark technology he could find and use it to enhance his own body. Apart from possessing a highly customized cyborg body, Zeke also experimented on his own hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls hunger and sleep, effectively making him a living terminator.

 12. Neptune’s Trident

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

When Atlantis started worshipping an evil Egyptian God called Set 2000 years ago, Poseidon was forced to come to the rescue and save the innocent Atlanteans from Set. After successfully banishing him, Poseidon would leave a copy of his trident with Atlantis, which would be wielded by its King. Namor wields the Trident of Neptune in combat giving him the power to manipulate water and shapeshift into anything or anyone he desires.

 13. Kraven’s hunting arsenal

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Karven the Hunter is a major Spider-Man villain whose main aim in life is to hunt the most dangerous beasts of the world and keep their heads as his personal trophies. He has now set his eyes on Spider-Man. Kraven has an arsenal of weapons including customized rifles and side-arms, spears and poisoned blow darts and a plethora of other hunting weapons that we would soon like to see in the future.

 14. Moon Knight’s Golden Ankh

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Moon Knight is one of Marvel’s criminally underrated characters and needs to have his own show or movie. While that might always remain a distant dream, we would like to have some sort of comic book reference thrown at his way in the theatres. Moon Knight’s trademark weapon is his Golden Ankh, which was actually forged by Clint Barton when he accidentally travelled through time only to help the Priests of Khonshu to battle Rama-Tut’s forces.

 15. Kang’s Time Chair

Marvel Weapons MCU Phase 5

Kang the Conqueror uses the power of time travel to win entire timelines by positioning himself in key points of time, effectively becoming that version of reality’s ruler. Kang has yet to make his official cinematic debut. Kang does his time travelling business via his Time Chair, a chair that possesses the power to traverse temporal streams to allow Kang to travel through time and has advanced laser defenses and a force field that can tolerate extreme levels of energy without even letting Kang get a scratch.

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