6 Ways The No Way Home Trailer Connects To Doctor Strange 2

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to a point where they have created so much stuff that they need an entire Multiverse to house all of it. They have gone from creating one-off movies to interconnected ethos bearing pieces, t-off movies to interconnected ethos bearing pieces, the likes of which have never been seen before. Recently we got a trailer for Spider-Man 3. This No Way Home trailer connects to Doctor Strange 2 in more ways than one, keep reading to find out how…..

Doctor Stephen Strange

We believe that there is a major connection between No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness. This theory is further affirmed but the fact the ppt Doctor Stephen Strange appears in both the movies and plays a major role. It seems that the vents of No Way Home are heavily influenced by the actions of Strange. Even though Spider-Man asks Strange to hypo those the entire world it is surprising that the magician so readily agrees, not to mention the perceived repercussions of the said spell. If the speculation is to be believed then this spell might be the entire reason for the multiverse bleeding into the MCU.


Multiverse of Madness Prequel trilogy

No Way Home trailer connects to Doctor Strange 2

Phase 4 of the MCU kick-started with WandaVision, no one knew where the entire thing is going but when it exploded it took our linear universe with it. It was amazing to see things unravel with every new installment in the MCU. The three releases that are part of the multiverse saga have come into the limelight after the release of the No Way Home trailer. It all started with Wanda going supernova during the finale of WandaVision. We all thought that things may cool down in the MCU after that, but boy were we wrong. It soon became clear with the release of Loki that thing we’re about to get much, much weirder. As soon as Kang came to the scene it was game over. We were no longer surprised to see the No Way Home trailer take the multiverse route because it will most probably directly tie into Multiverse of Madness.


Concept of the Multiverse

Marvel has always been very sly about its plans. I guess one has to be when there is an entire stratum of the internet dedicated to deciphering what you are trying to do. During the first Doctor Strange movie, we were introduced to the ancient one, a powerful Sorcerer Supreme. She gave us the orientation for the multiverse when she explained how and where the magicians got their power. Even though we analyzed every possible scene from that movie we could have never expected that it was at this moment that marvel set up the multiverse. But it is clear now that they will use the setup to launch the concept in full force in the MCU.


Time Stone Switch Up

No Way Home trailer connects to Doctor Strange 2

We know that the time stone was destroyed by Thanos when he destroyed all the stones. Then the Avengers went back in time and got a time stone from the past by using the quantum realm but this time remnant of the stone had to be returned. So I guess the real question is why does Strange has the eye when there is no stone in it. Does he only carry it for sentimental value or does this mean that we are following the story in a universe where the time stone was never destroyed? You see, we may be no longer following the main MCU timeline, which might be the greatest scam marvel ever pulled.


Go Wong Gone

During the No Way Home trailer, we see Wong leave the sanctum Santorum with his bags. He does not seem to be feuding with Strange because he still has him. It is more likely that Wong is leaving to fulfill his role in the Shang Chi movie. It is seen in the trailer that Wong will be fighting the abomination and this is where he is going off to, most likely. Could this also tie into the multiverse? We will soon find out.


The Sheer Scale

No way Home is a passion project. The movie feels like a love letter to the character of spidey. It seems the movie was written to inspire and coalesce the entirety of Spider-Man ethos in the movies. The two Sony versions will soon be reconciled with the MCU and we will get a true version of the character. We just hope that it is as beautiful as we imagine it to be.

How else do you think the No Way Home Trailer Connects to Doctor Strange 2? Let us know.

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