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Every Nickname Loki Has Got In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Finally, after a decade, we got to understand Loki on a more personal level, courtesy of the Disney+ series, Loki. Now that the show has been renewed for season 2, we find ourselves admiring Loki at every turn. He’s just another rare villain that is as loved as the protagonist. Considering the number of Loki variants that we’ve seen in the MCU now, let’s talk about every nickname that Loki has got in the MCU:

Every Nickname Loki Has Got

1. The God Of Mischief

The God of Mischief is the most common that laymen are aware of. Loki is called the God of Mischief because he’s naughty if I put it simply. This actually fits well with his powers as they’re all about illusions and tricks. This is one of the reasons why Loki always cheats death.

2. Master Of Magic

Once again, revolving around his abilities, Loki gets another nickname After the Jotuns appear in Asgard, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three are discussing Loki. This is when. Hogun theorizes that “a master of magic could easily bring three Jotuns into Asgard,” referring to Loki. Master of Magic is actually a cool nickname for a charismatic personality such as Loki’s.

3. Conniving, Craven, Pathetic Worm

In Loki, we saw a surprising cameo by Lady Sif. After the TVA rearrested Loki, he was placed in a time cell by Mobius. The cell brings him through a moment in his past where Lady Sif refers to Loki as a “conniving, craven, pathetic worm” for cutting her hair. This moment was really important for Loki and his character development as it followed the sequence of revelations about himself.

4. Cow

Every Nickname Loki Has Got

At times, the deleted scenes give us a delightful scene and the 2011 Thor was one of such films. In the deleted scene, when Thor puts on his eagle-winged helmet, Loki poked fun at it by telling him he had “nice feathers.” Thor gets back at his brother by saying, “cow,” for his bovine-like horns on his helmet.

5. Son Of Odin/Son Of Laufey

Loki’s parentage was the reason why he is such a complicated anti-hero. In Thor, he goes by the name of Loki Odinson, or Son of Odin. But when he learns about his true heritage and origins, he suffered a major emotional blow. It wasn’t long after he took the name Laufeyson, making him Loki, Son of Laufey, King of the Frost Giants.

6. Rock Of Ages

Tony Stark, behind the incredible candid character he is, has a habit of bestowing nicknames to people around him. Loki, the God of Mischief was no stranger to this. Noticing Loki’s hairstyle and their resemblance to the hair metal culture of the 80s, he calls Loki “Rock of Ages.” This is a reference to a Broadway musical that revolves around the same.

7. Reindeer Games

It looks like Tony wasn’t done with just “Rock of Ages.” This time, using his helmet as his source of inspiration, Tony calls Loki “Reindeer Games,” which is a reference to the 2000 action movie Reindeer Games starring Ben Affleck. So all those times when Tony scolded Peter Parker for his pop culture references, he was just hiding his own guilty pleasures.

8. Ant

The Avengers was all about Loki retrieving the Tesseract and Loki proving his worth. In the midst of all this, Loki tells Nick Fury that “An ant has no quarrel with a boot.” But later on, he is taunted by Fury in the same fashion. When Loki is locked in the cell made for Hulk, Fury taunts Loki with his containment by pointing out a hatch in his cell that would send him into the ocean below. He then taunts Loki an ant and the trigger switch as the boot. What a journey from being a God to an ant.

9. Real Power

Every Nickname Loki Has Got

Just like Tony, Fury is also blessed with epic humor. In the same scene as mentioned above, the pair continues their banter. Loki says that humanity needs to be reminded of what “real power” is. Fury then taunts him with full sarcasm saying, “real power wants a magazine or something.

10. The God Of Outcasts

The Disney+ series Loki introduced many variants of Loki, including Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki. Classic Loki, who’s broken, calls him and the other variants the God of Outcasts. This line can be found in 2019’s Loki #5 comic. Moreover, the line actually holds two meanings. First, Loki is an outcast in the emotional and social sense. Second, all the variants are now in a place that they’re ruling where only outcasts would come, so literally, he meant that.

11. The Asgardian Mussolini

Agent Phil Coulson made for a huge plot in The Avengers as his death finally made the Avengers work together as a team. After he was resurrected In Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1, he refers to Loki as the “Asgardian Mussolini.” This is actually an apt comparison to the Italian dictator considering his countless attempts to take over Asgard and Earth.

12. The Would-Be King

Thor and Loki both had a strenuous relationship. That’s because Loki was always overshadowed by his brother and never got what he felt he deserved. After Thor discovers that Loki has taken the Tesseract to Earth in The Avengers, he descends to Earth to take his brother home. In a heated argument as to who deserves what, Thor refers to Loki as the “would-be king.” This is something that represents Loki’s misery.

13. Little Blue Baby Icicle

When Thor returns to Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok, he quickly finds out that something is off as it is Loki in Odin’s disguise. After stage-Loki’s death, the actor portraying Odin refers to Loki as a “little blue baby icicle… that melted this old man’s heart,” referring to his Frost Giant origins. As humorous as it was, it still seemed that Loki was somewhat in a tiff with his original self and many more issues.

14. Puny God

This is one of the most iconic scenes in all of MCU. We all know about the legendary Hulk Smash, but what he did to Loki in the final scene of New York’s battle was utterly humiliating. Hulk legit took the God of Mischief, slammed him on the ground numerous times, leaving him numb, and referring to him as a “puny god.” It just wasn’t a good day for Loki.

15. Long-Haired Creepo

Loki was referred to as the “long-haired creepo” by John Garrett in season 7, episode 10 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Stolen.” When Coulson asked Garrett was his favorite version of Coulson’s death was, he referred to Loki as the long-haired creepo that stabbed him with a pointy stick.

So this is every Nickname Loki has got so far in the MCU. Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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