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Every Easter Egg in Loki Episode 5, Journey Into Mystery (Vol 1.)

Loki Loki Loki! Loki is he’s everywhere! And so are the Easter Eggs in the latest episode. Loki has turned things around for the entire MCU. It’s truly wonderful to see Hiddleston get the spotlight in such a major way. He is now leading the MCU project that is destined to change everything. With that, I come to Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery.” It’s one of those episodes that set the perfect stage for the finale. And now, let’s look at every Easter Egg in Loki Episode 5. This one really had a lot of them!!

Every Easter Egg in Loki Episode 5

1. The Living Tribunal

If you look closely at this image, then it clearly represents the Living Tribunal. RIght in the opening sequence of Loki episode 5 where the camera runs through the rummage of the Void, we could see this figure. Now, the Living Tribunal is another cosmic, time-defying entity that is majorly famous in the comics. It’s responsible for maintaining balance in the multiverse.

2. The Power Of Holding Hands

This particular scene is a very subtle Easter egg that takes us back to Guardians of the Galaxy. In the climax, when the Power Stone is let loose, all the members of the team hold hands and bear the power of an Infinity Stone. In episode 5, Loki and Sylvie had to combine their powers by holding their hands in order to enchant the behemoth Alioth.

3. Kang’s Citadel

This was easily one of the best endings to Loki episodes. Previously, when Sylvie made a connection with Alioth, she saw the image of a castle. But when the God and Goddess of Mischief enchanted Alioth, the gateways to a mysterious place opened. And here, we could see a castle that really resembles Kang’s citadel, and possibly his city in the Quantum Realm called Chronopolis. Hence directly hinting at Kang to be the main villain and preponing his welcoming in the MCU.

4. Laevateinn

Every Easter Egg in Loki Episode 5

This is yet another reference to Norse mythology. Previously, Loki redid an event from the mythology where Loki cut Lady Sif’s hair merely for fun. In episode 5, Loki received a golden blade from Kid Loki. He used this blade to deviate Alioth’s attention from Sylvie.  Then, Loki sets this small sword aflame, and it could’ve been inspired by the mythological Norse weapon Laevateinn.

5. Helicarrier

SHIELD’s Helicarrier was easily spotted because of its unique design. It’s such an important part of the MCU that it was even used in Deadpool as one of these bases as a setting for its final battle. And yet another destroyed Helicarrier could be spotted in the ruins.

6. Classic Loki Rebuilds Asgard

Classic Loki rebuilding a fully illusional Asgard speaks on many levels. First, he did not want to remain hidden, scared, and lonely. He wanted to go out in pure fashion and did something that even Loki and Sylvie couldn’t believe. But him rebuilding Asgard to catch Alioth’s attention tells us that he misses his home, and wanted to go away with it.

7. The USS Eldridge

The Eldridge was supposedly turned invisible as part of the “Philadelphia Experiment.” But Loki makes it the work of the TVA, as it pruned along with the people on it. But as soon as it lands in the Void, it is devoured by Alioth. This moment also explained that the monster will go for the bigger feast first.

8. Qeng Enterprises

Episodes 4 and 5 both featured the ruined Stark/Avengers tower. But this time, in episode 5, instead of the Stark logo, it had Qeng written on it. Now, this is a direct nod to Qeng Enterprises, the company Tony Stark sold his famous tower to in a 2015 Avengers comic run. But who’s the buyer? Who owns the company? Well, it’s none other than Kang the Conqueror. Mr. Gryphon – CEO and businessman – was the alias used by Kang. Another reference to the villain.

9. Yellowjacket’s Head

Ant-Man (2015) witnessed the debut of Cross’ Yellowjacket who was jealous of Pym and wanted the Pym particles of himself. After getting shrunk to a subatomic level, he was nowhere to be found. But episode 5 revealed a giant Yellowjacket helmet proving that there was a variant of him too. So who’s to say if he’ll return or not?

10. Roxxiwine

As seen previously in Loki, Sylvie was found at the Roxxcart mall. And yet again in episode 5, the Loki variants, including Gator Loki were seen enjoying the Roxxiwine. In the Marvel comic lore, The Roxxon corporation is pretty well known, and in the MCU they go as back as Iron Man solo films.

11. Polybius

Polybius was allegedly an arcade game that hypnotized the players for some sinister unknown purpose. Then, the cabinets strangely disappeared with no possible trace. This was yet another real-life conspiracy included in episode 5 such as the ship. It all comes to the TVA when something mysterious happens.

12. Thanos-Copter

every Easter Egg in Loki Episode 5

Right outside the bunker of Kid Loki’s kingdom, we could easily spot the Thanos-Copter. This is a nod to one of the most embarrassing moments of Thanos. In the comics, Thanos actually rode a helicopter while he was in search of the Cosmic Cube. But his plans were disrupted when Hellcat and Spider-Man teamed up. Way to go, Mad Titan Pilot!

13. Pizza Planet Truck

Apart from Marvel Easter eggs, we actually got to see an Easter egg crossover, because it’s all Disney now! In episode 5, Mobius came to Sylvie’s rescue in a pruned pizza truck. The design of the pizza truck is a close resemblance to the famous Pizza Planet truck that debuted in Toy Story. 

14. Hula Girl On The Mobius’ Car Dashboard

Okay, so if the design wasn’t enough to be an Easter egg, then let’s talk about the Hulu girl that’s on the dashboard of Mobius’ vehicle. This figure has been a part of Marvel for some time now. It has appeared in both, Agents of SHIELD and WandaVision when Darcy and Vision team up to hijack a truck.

15. Ronan’s Ship

To conclude volume 1 of the many Easter eggs, let’s bring in the wrecked ship of Ronan the Accuser. This carrier looks almost like Ronan the Accuser’s vessel from Guardians of the Galaxy, called the Dark Aster. As seen in the movie, it was destroyed during the Battle of Xandar. So maybe, in one timeline, Ronan did something that deviated from his timeline, hence inviting the TVA.

Since this episode had an abundance of Easter Eggs, we’ve actually made a second volume for you guys. So, you could check out every Easter Egg in Loki Episode 5 in the second part of this article right here. Did you enjoy Loki Episode 5? Let us know in the comments.

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