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All Easter Eggs in Loki Episode 5, Journey Into Mystery (Vol 2.)

Loki has turned things around for the entire MCU. It’s truly wonderful to see Hiddleston get the spotlight in such a major way. With that, I come to Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery.” It’s one of those episodes that set the perfect stage for the finale. It had an insane number of Easter Eggs. We’ve already done an article with 15 Easter Eggs. So you could check out the first Volume of this article right here. As for the second one, here are all Easter Eggs in Loki Episode 5:

All Easter Eggs in Loki Episode 5

1. Loki’s Alternate Death (Did It Happen?)

Richard E. Grant’s Classic Loki explained that he escaped his dreadful fate at the hands of Loki. He did so by casting an illusion so realistic that even Thanos couldn’t see through it. Hence, he drifted away in space until he was pruned by the TVA. So, it’s a possibility that our main version of Loki might have done the same thing. I mean, why not?

2. Vote Loki’s Hand

What is Loki without a scene that will leave you laughing on the floor? We all saw how Gator Loki cut off Vote Loki’s hand with no hesitation. Well, this is a nod to the scene in  Thor: The Dark World‘s final battle where Loki pretended to cut Thor’s hand. But unfortunately for Vote Loki, that wasn’t the case. And oh, that scream though!

3. Loki’s Past Betrayals

In a heartwarming scene, Loki tells Sylvie that he’s betrayed everyone he’s ever loved – his family, home, and everyone that wanted good for him. This version of Loki’s MCU tenure extends only to The Avengers, but even in this run he has managed to double-cross his loved one, and that scene was a reference to his natural tendency.

4. Vote Loki & Bearded Loki

Vote Loki finally came in episode 5 and he looks totally authentic. In the comic sequence where Loki runs for the U.S. President, his suit and badge are almost exactly the same as the one we see in Loki. Moreover, if you look at the Loki variant standing second-from-right in the manhole shot, he previously appeared in episode 2, “The Variant,” in Loki holograms.

5. Journey Into Mystery

“Journey Into Mystery” is a comic title that began in the 1950s. Moreover, this has to be the best Easter egg because Thor and Loki both made their debut through Journey Into Mystery in 1962. So the name in itself hints that you can expect one too many hidden details.

6. Alioth

In the Marvel comics, Alioth is a similarly purple-hued cloud with red eyes who debuted in 1993. As the show explains that he’s a guard dog for whoever is behind all this, Alioth was originally introduced as an enemy to Kang who stopped Kang from expanding his city of Chronopolis.

7. TVA Trays

As Loki goes underground to Kid Loki’s kingdom, a camera show reveals the debris that is now a part of the Void’s deep layers of soil. Here, we found two main Easter eggs which I’ll talk about, but we could also see TVA trays and juice cans, presumably straight from the TVA headquarter.

8. Throg

Throg is basically Thor in the body of a frog. This is a major reference to one of the lines in the play from Ragnarok. Fake Loki (Matt Damon) apologizes to Thor for turning him into a frog. A lovely reference, and a major callback.

10. Mjolnir

Not everything on the Void is worthless. As the camera shot showed more of the debris now buried underneath, we also saw a Mjolnir, the actual Thor hammer just an inch outside of Throg’s reach. Imagine someone getting a hold of this and going up against Thor!

11. God Of Outcasts

Classic Loki, who’s broken, calls him and the other variants the God of Outcasts. This line can be found in 2019’s Loki #5 comic. Moreover, the line actually holds two meanings. First, Loki an outcast in the emotional and social sense. Second, all the variants are now in a place that they’re ruling where only outcasts would come, so literally, he meant that.

12. GRN W1D

This car with GRN-W1D written on it was first seen parked during the episode’s Alioth confrontation. This is a direct nod to Mark Gruenwald who co-created Alioth served as the physical basis for Mobius M. Mobius. Gruenwald was already once referred to in episode 2 as the Renaissance fair took place in the writer’s birthplace of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

13. Classic Loki’s Exile

Classic Loki’s exile story bears a close resemblance to Kid Loki’s original arc with Ikol. The trickster was reborn once again and chose isolation so that he doesn’t cause any mischief and stays away from his evil ways. He attempted to find redemption through action rather than exile. The reason why Classic Loki discontinued his exile was because of the desire to see his brother, Thor. But the story can actually relate to Ikol.

14. Ecto Cooler Hi-C

Just like real-life conspiracies, Loki has found a way to include short-lived soft drinks and place them throughout the show. First, there was Mobius and his Josta, then Casey was spotted guzzling down a Boku juice, and then Kid Loki with an Ecto Cooler Hi-C. These drinks were released in 1989 as a tie-in with The Real Ghostbusters.

Finally, we’re done with all Easter Eggs in Loki Episode 5. What would you rate this episode from 1-10? Let us know in the comments.

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