Harry Potter TV Show In The Works at HBO Max

Harry Potter TV Show:

The Harry Potter franchise has undoubtedly become one of the most popular and successful franchises out there. Harry Potter became a bonafide phenomenon over the last few decades. The books, penned by J.K. Rowling, spawned eight films that directly adapted the novels following the core trio of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. Altogether, the films grossed over $7 billion at the box office.

Harry Potter Moments

The Fantastic Beasts film saga serves as a prequel to the films. Starring Eddie Redmayne, Fantastic Beasts is a planned franchise of five films and explores the Wizarding World at the beginning of the 20th century. That saga has been plagued by controversy, as Rowling has been called out for her transphobic remarks over the last year. Fantastic Beasts 3 is currently in production and will be released on July 14, 2022. Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them was the first installment released in 2016, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was released in 2018. With Fantastic Beasts 3 this movie series will complete its three installments with only leaving people wanting for more. This Harry Potter prequel franchise is all about the wizardly world and people from almost all genres find it bewitching if you get the pun.

Fantastic Beasts recently became a part of the highlight too because of Johnny Depp, and his role as Grindelwald was passed on to Mads Mikkelsen by WarnerBros after domestic abuse allegations resulted in the star losing a defamation lawsuit against UK tabloid The Sun. In an interview, Mikkelsen talks about his portrayal of the role and also mentions the intensity of this opportunity and the circumstances it came in, to him. Mikkelsen said, “Job wise, it’s obviously super interesting and nice,” but also said that it was, “also a shocker that it came after what happened, which is just super sad.”

Fantastic Beasts 3 – Mads Mikkelsen Officially Replaces Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindelwald

The series’ popularity persists, which is no surprise because the wizarding world has been redecorated ever since its predecessor – Harry Potter, hit the screens.  and it appears WB is looking to capitalize on that. A Harry Potter series is in very early development, according to THR. The studio has reportedly held exploratory meetings to flesh out ideas for the show that would be an HBO Max exclusive. Both HBO Max and Warner Bros. have denied the claims that a series is in the works and there are no writers attached to the project, indicating just how early it is in the development process.

Now it is clear if the franchise is so powerful and successful, there will be theories regarding the sequel or prequel. The most obvious choice, and likely the one fans want the most, would be one that directly follows up the immensely popular films. Rowling has established what her famous characters have been up to post-Hogwarts and it seems ripe for an adaptation. But all this aside, The Fantastic Beasts series is clearly in trouble. The second film, The Crimes of Grindelwald, underperformed at the box office and was panned by critics. Warner Bros. is hoping to turn that around with the third film, but that remains up in the air. It seems that, after what’s happened with Fantastic Beasts, it would be a mistake for the series to explore another prequel story to the films. It would also be odd if they merely chose to retell the story of the original films.

It has been previously noted that mads Mikkelsen will be making changes to the character that was formerly played by Johnny Depp in The Fantastic Beasts, and on that, this is what Mikkelsen had to say during his interview with EW,

“Well it’s going to be me, so that’s a difference. No, this is the tricky part. We’re still working it out. There has to be a bridge between what Johnny did and what I’m going to do. And at the same time, I also have to make it my own. But also we have to find a few links [to the previous version of the character] and some bridges so it doesn’t completely detach from what he’s already masterfully achieved.”

But, a Harry Potter TV show won’t do any harm but can do a lot of good we believe. And there is no stopping this franchise really. The success is immeasurable and the fans just want more of it. Let us know what you think of the TV show.

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