There is a More Powerful Version of Mjolnir, But When Will We See it In The MCU?

while the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dominating the industry for comic focused content, the marvel comic verse has been slowly building up steam. Bear in mind fandom, this was a company that was on the edge of Bankruptcy in 2004-07. They bounced back only because they licensed their characters’ movie rights to studios like Disney. The reason why Marvel works so well is because of iconic trinkets like the Mjolnir. But did you know that there is a more powerful version of Mjolnir in the comics? Let us bring you up to speed

Marvel comics were in steady decline at the turn of the century. Their stories had become repetitive and they had been working without inspiration for a long time. People felt that they were just going through the motions. But in recent times, Marvel has rediscovered its flair for creating beautiful comic storylines. This is evidenced by Thanos (2016), Thor (2020), and even limited storylines like Old Man Logan. The interesting about these stories is not their characters but the kind of stakes they bring to the table.


Powerful Version of Mjolnir

The premise is so interesting that these stories have been adapted onto the movie universe in more than one way. Almost the entire fandom would agree when I say that Logan was a little bit inspired by Old Man Logan even though the story is completely different. Similarly, there is some trouble brewing in Thor #19 which threatens the start of God of Hammers and it has us wondering whether marvel is bringing back an old character from the comics. Someone who wielded an advanced version of Mjolnir and rivaled Thor in strength and might.


More Powerful Version of The Mjolnir

Red Norvell was a character who was introduced in the silver age of comics. He was an unremarkable engineer but he found himself infatuated with Lady Sif. As things progressed this normal human found himself in the possession of Thor’s belt of strength and his iron gloves. When I say ‘in possession of’ I mean he stole these artifacts. These trinkets allowed him to compete with the God of thunder himself. They granted him the might of Thor and Red Norvell took over while Thor shirked away from his responsibilities.


This made for a very interesting story, especially because Red was doing it all to gain the favor of Sif. Thor did not like this and challenged the mortal to battles time and again but things never quite settled until Odin intervened in the natter himself. He threatened Thor, chastising him for slacking off and as a punishment, he adopted Red Norvell as his own child. To complement his strength Odin even gave Norvell his own Uru Metal Hammer by the name of War-hammer. Odin also enchanted this hammer with a portion of his limitless power to make sure that Red had the same powers as Thor.


Powerful Version of Mjolnir

Despite all his might and power, Red could never gain Lady Sif’s favor. He wanted to impress his crush but he could not accomplish this even with the powers of a God. Fans wondered for a lot of time why this new Thor-like character was added alongside Thor and then thrown back into obscurity. The reason for this was Ragnarok, the cataclysmic apocalypse event. Thor was supposed to die in Ragnarok but Odin sacrificed Red instead, his adoptive son. It was his plan from the start, to use Norvell as a scapegoat for Thor.


Will We See The War-Hammer in The MCU?

Much more interesting than Thor’s hammer is the War-Hammer that belongs to Red Norvell. It is extremely powerful and was able to rival the world serpent at the end of Ragnarok. This hammer may be the next stop in MCU Thor’s journey in Thor: Love and Thunder. We may get to see this hammer be the power source of Jane’s Thor powers as she becomes the next God of Thunder. It would certainly be a lovely addition to the MCU lore.


What do you think about this powerful version of Mjolnir? Do you think Marvel Studios will choose to include it in the franchise or will they go a more traditional route of a retcon? Let us know your opinion in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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