Avengers 4 Theory: Tony Will Make the Biggest Sacrifice of His Life

Avengers: Infinity War started off with a big tragic scene on Thor’s Asgardian vessel, but from there on, the movie temporarily takes on a lighter tone with the Guardians coming in playing their pop music and then the scenes on Earth where Tony & Pepper have their run and the talk goes on about Tony’s wish to have extended their family. Right at that moment, they were interrupted by Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner which makes things intense again as Bruce tells him about the arrival of Thanos who was also behind the attack on New York.

Avengers 4 Theory Tony Stark

As we move into the more important matters of Thanos, we ignore the little detail about Tony and Pepper’s talk where he asks Pepper whether she is expecting a baby or not, as per the dream he saw. She totally denies the fact over there, but if you think about it, was Pepper hiding the fact that she is expecting a baby from Tony?

Since Tony would be the center of the next movie, it would be really great to see this personal factor of Tony’s life be added to the Story. We already have a hint that at the end of Avengers 4, it may be Cap who sacrifices his life, while Tony Stark would be retired as a character. And that may be done by giving him a Paul Walker style send-off, where he gets married at the end of Avengers 4, and will soon become a father (or would already be a father), so he will stay away from the fighting for the rest of his life.

Ever since the Russos have handled Tony’s story, they have pitched in the idea of him having a desire to have a family. Pepper and Tony were on a break in the Civil War, but then they got engaged in Homecoming, and finally Avengers: Infinity War pitched in the big question of Pepper’s pregnancy. Let’s just assume the fact that she was expecting a baby, and hid the fact from Tony to see whether he ends his crusade has Iron Man and finally comes home or not.

So, that brings us to a possibility that we will see a baby Tony in Avengers 4. But what if the movie turns on a dark leaf from there on. What if Tony has to make the ultimate sacrifice which is not putting his own life in harm’s way, but actually having to sacrifice his chance at having a family (a kid).

This new Avengers 4 theory given by a Redditor claims that Tony might have to do something similar to what Thanos did in Avengers: Infinity War. The theory states that after Tony goes back to Earth and finds out that Pepper is in fact pregnant, he might come to know of a way that he could acquire the Soul Stone and possibly bring back the disintegrated Avengers including Spidey and Doctor Strange.

Nebula will tell Tony about the means to acquire the Soul Stone from Vormir, and there he finds Red Skull who tells him about the only way to retrieve the stone, which is to make a big sacrifice. That may offer him the deal to sacrifice his son in order to bring back the likes of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and others.

Well, there is quite a lot wrong with this theory and it cannot take place this way entirely or even partially as Red Skull is not the gate keeper of Vormir anymore, and Thanos already has the stone so I don’t think anyone else’s sacrifice the ownership of the stone from Thanos to someone else. It does not work that way.

However, Tony might still have to make the same sacrifice, only in a very different way. As Ant-man brings the prospect of Time Travel through the Quantum Realm, we will see the Avengers go back in the past in order to prevent the big snap from ever happening. So, we may see the events of Infinity War get entirely erased as if the Avengers do turn out to be successful, the timeline of MCU may change.

And considering Tony and Pepper to be expecting a baby in the Avengers: Infinity War timeline, preventing the film may also mean that Tony would sacrifice his chance of being as a father as well. Things could change significantly by even minimal alterations in the timeline and the Time Travel in Avengers 4 will have huge alterations, so let’s see how things go!

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