Operation Chromite: Liam Neeson Worried About A Hack

When a movie is adapted from real life incidents, especially political or war subjects, the makers of the movie knowingly or unknowingly expect some sort of controversy. Sometimes, these controversies can even get worse. In 2014, we had a similar situation when a group calling themselves as “Guardians of Peace” hacked Sony Pictures for representing their leader, Kin Jong-un in the movie ‘The Interview’. This cyber-attack was allegedly sponsored by North Korea.

Liam Neeson is sharing such a thought when his new Korean film Operation Chromite is gearing up for release. The movie tells the story of the real-life battle, The Battle of Inchon, which took place during the 1950 Korean War. The battle lasted for about five days and at the end, South Korea recaptured their capital of Seoul from the North Koreans. It was a combined operation of the UN and South Korean forces and the operation code named as ‘Operation Chromite’ was commanded by United States Army General Douglas MacArthur.

Liam Neeson plays the role of General Douglas MacArthur, who carried out the operation successfully even though the situations were harsh and unfavorable. The battle was a big loss in the History of North Korea and they don’t want to remember or think about it again. This is the main reason behind Liam Neeson’s concern. He seriously doubts that there would be some sort of real life troubles after the movie release just like what happened with The Interview. He said: “North Korea and South Korea signed an armistice in 1953 and both countries are still essentially at war. It’s a horrifying situation and in light of very recent events (such as the Sony hack) we are all, not just as filmmakers, but as citizens of the world, very concerned.”

He didn’t directly say that he is worried about some sort of hack. But if a group hacked the Sony Pictures and publicized their confidential e-mails over a silly matter (The Interview), there is a possibility of retaliation as Operation Chromite has showcased one of the biggest defeats ever in the history of North Korea. He also expressed his happiness in being a part of the movie as only a few Hollywood actors get a chance to work in Korean movies.

Joyal Jose

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