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  • CelebsFacts About Liam Neeson

    10 Blockbuster Facts About Liam Neeson You Must Know

    Facts About Liam Neeson: Liam Neeson has played some of the most Badass roles ever which can make any actor jealous – Jedi Knight, Zeus, Ra’s Al Ghul, Holocaust Hero, Agent High T and how can we forget his role in the “Taken” movie series. Liam Neeson has played many diverse roles and proved that he can do justice to…

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  • MoviesMCU’s Galactus: Liam Neeson

    Marvel May Have Found MCU’s Galactus in Liam Neeson  

    MCU’s Galactus: Liam Neeson  Iron Man just ended the reign of Thanos, but he did not rid the universe, or perhaps the multiverse with even bigger villains that are yet to step into the vast boundaries of the MCU. While we’d want Doctor Doom to do something what Loki did over the years, the ultimate big bad on everyone’s minds…

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  • Newsthe commuter

    The Conjuring Stars Reunited In Liam Neeson’s The Commuter

    There are a lot of actors who continuously do action movies and get stereotyped in the genre. We use to get bored with most them as their movies have nothing new to offer. But there are few actors (like Bruce Willis) who do the action genre every time and we never get tired of watching them doing the same thing…

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  • NewsOperation Chromite

    Operation Chromite: Liam Neeson Worried About A Hack

    When a movie is adapted from real life incidents, especially political or war subjects, the makers of the movie knowingly or unknowingly expect some sort of controversy. Sometimes, these controversies can even get worse. In 2014, we had a similar situation when a group calling themselves as “Guardians of Peace” hacked Sony Pictures for representing their leader, Kin Jong-un in…

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