10 Facts About Old Man Logan we Bet You Never Knew

Facts About Logan:

With the concept of Else-worlds and What-Ifs gaining so much attention in DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the stories and arcs of the comic books have spilled over to include alternate realities and timelines. In the Marvel Universe, a character that grew out to be so popular and well-received by the masses that it ended up becoming a part of the mainstream Marvel Community even though he himself was from an alternate reality was Old Man Logan. Now that his saga has ended with old Man Logan dying in Dead Man Logan (Don’t worry – Old Man Logan went out guns blazing – A PROPER FAREWELL!!), it is time the rest of the folks who do not know Old Man Logan well enough know just what kind of a legend he was. He is a highly complicated layered character with a huge history that will be interesting to explore and know about.

 1. One of his allies becomes the new Thor

Dani Cage is the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Dani is a foul-mouthed badass who has inherited the amazing ingenuity of her mother and the iron-hard skin of her father. Together with Logan, they were tasked with rescuing the last surviving Hulk. Sabretooth and his cyborg clone soldiers, who had captured the last Hulk, were transporting him to the cages of Mister Sinister. Sinister intended to use the Hulk’s gamma energy to create a irradiated utopia for his perverse experiments on mutation. But Dani was gravely injured while trying to save the Hulk. But coincidentally, the Mjolnir hammer was nearby, unmoved ever since Thor was assassinated at that spot. Dani was found to be worthy of Mjolnir and she lifts it to become the new Thor, Goddess of Thunder of the Old Man Logan alternate timeline.

 2. Old Man Logan lives 50 years into the future


The timeline of Old Man Logan is set in the not so distant future. In this alternate reality, the supervillains of the entire world realized that they could wipe out the entire superhero population if they just banded together and pooled their resources. Launching a meticulously planned and coordinated global strike at every superhero, the super villains killed the Earth’s mightiest heroes in a span of days. Logan lives in a future where there are no superheroes anymore and the world is now divided between the leaders of the super villain strike force that orchestrated it all, who are now the new ruling order of the planet. The future is bleak and there is no more hope for people to cling to. Most of America, where Logan lives, is a barren wasteland with irradiated surroundings that nobody likes to travel to anymore.

 3. He beheads Dracula


In the far future, the immortal Vampire Lord called Dracula has amassed a huge army of vampires. Jubilee, Wolverine’s protégé whom Logan presumed was dead, is later revealed to be alive and under the control of Dracula. Wolverine joins forces with the howling Commandoes and rescues Jubilee, who now calls herself Romania, from Dracula. Wolverine decapitates Dracula and takes his head to the sun, where he will never be able to regenerate again and thus vanquishes the vampire legacy once and for all.

 4. He is Best Friends with Hawkeye


Nobody would have thought that Clint Barton of all people would have survived the Old Man Logan reality. Not even Spiderman survived the Apocalypse. So Hawkeye surviving the aftermath came as a shocker to everyone. But the story does not just end there. Hawkeye has lost his eyesight but still kicks a$$ big time. Old Man Hawkeye is now a smuggler who manages to entice Wolverine with prospects of earning some easy and big money. Hawkeye dies in that adventure and Wolverine is never able to use that money to repay the loan he owed to the Hulk, who is now a crime lord that rules a wasteland that was once America. As a result, Wolverine loses his family.

 5. He Killed the X-Men in this timeline

Old Man Logan

Remember the globally coordinated attack by the Super Villains on the Superheroes we were talking about? Mysterio and a bunch of other villains were tasked with infiltrating the X-Mansion and attack the X-Men. Wolverine was the first one to realize that the X-Mansion has been compromised because of his superior senses. The moment he saw the villains in the building, he went blind with rage and killed them off one by one. It was later that he realized that the ‘villains’ he thought he had killed were actually the X-Men. Mysterio had used hallucinogens to trick Wolverine into killing his own people. Wolverine could never recover from the trauma and became a social recluse.

 6. Tries to prevent his future from ever happening

Old man Logan finds himself transported to Earth-616. Thinking that it is actually the past timeline of his own universe, Wolverine tries to prevent the events that transpired in his past from happening in this timeline. He tries searching for Mysterio and if possible, killing him before he could trick Logan into killing the X-Men. Captain America shows him that this is another universe altogether and no matter what he does the future will remain the same. The revelation that he could not do anything to change his fate momentarily breaks him.

 7. He is a family man

Facts About Logan

Logan may have survived the massacre of superheroes. He may have survived the trauma of killing the entire X-Men with his bare hands. He may have survived everything else. But he would not have survived if Maureen was not there for him when he needed her the most. After the Apocalypse took everything from Logan, he found solace in the arms of his soon to be wife called Maureen. Maureen helped her cope with his grief and later gave birth to two of their children. They lived a happy life until the Hulk Gang (Children of the Hulk and his cousin the She-Hulk), whom they were forced to pay rent to, came knocking at their doors for this month’s rent and when they refused, they were killed. And that sent Wolverine spiraling bath into a path of revenge.

 8. He is not the only Old Man Logan

Before Mark Millar wrote and created the Old Man Logan Universe, Marvel Comics had already pondered upon the proposition of exploring a story about Wolverine in his old age. The end result was Wolverine: The End. In this story arc, Wolverine is shown to be a white-haired sage-like jungle man who lives off his golden years in the wilderness of Canada, far away from society. In Wolverine: The End, Logan is approximately two hundred and ten years old. He is not as fast as he used to be. He is dealing with severe arthritis and his healing factor is almost gone and his longevity, which stopped him from aging, has become a curse, with Wolverine unable to die. So he lives his life in regret and agony.

 9. Leads a resistance movement against God Emperor Doom

Old Man Logan

Doctor Doom realizes that the Multi-Verse is set for a collision course and if nothing is done, the universe will destroy each other in massive cosmic events called Incursions. To mitigate that risk, Doom steals the power of a Beyonder and creates the Battle-World reality by taking pieces of each universe. The Old Man Logan universe is patch-worked with the rest of timelines. Old Man Logan is smart enough to realize from the very beginning that something was wrong. Soon, he ventures out into other universes’ patches within Battle-world and defeats one of the soldiers of Doom’s Thor Corps. He then joins the Manhattan realm and leads a rebellion to stop Doom from doing anymore mischief once and for all.

 10. Kills Maestro

Maestro is by far the most lethal and deadliest version of the Hulk. Not even the World-Breaker Hulk comes close to the Maestro’s level. Maestro belongs to another alternate reality where the world has destroyed itself in a nuclear holocaust and the resultant radiation has been absorbed by the hulk, amplifying his powers by an infinite amount but has also driven him mad with rage. Maestro is also extremely smart. He has the power of the Hulk and the brains of Banner and he is literally unstoppable. Maestro once found his way into the Old Man Logan Universe where the remaining Hulk gang, who were pissed that Wolverine had killed the Hulk, joined his ranks. Maestro later took over a town in Canada and Wolverine had to step in to kill him. But it came at a great physical strain to his body.

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