Immovable Object Vs Unstoppable Force: Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist

Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist: Who will win?

While the Avengers are largely considered the earth’s mightiest heroes for the simple reason that their team includes heavy hitters such as the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor; there are certain problems that exist and need to be dealt with on a much smaller level. The streets of New York are one such place in the Marvel Universe, both comic and otherwise. While the Avengers deal with universe ending catastrophes, street heroes such as Luke Cage and Iron Fist ensure that peace is maintained amidst the different neighborhoods of New York. Both of these individuals hold immense power and precision when dealing with on the ground nuisances that a hero in their line of business may encounter. Luke cage strives to straighten out the local youth and keep them safe from the clutches of organized crime and Iron Fist battles an organization known as the hand who have been pulling the strings behind the scenes for a long time.

But what happens when the two superheroes go against each other in a battle of strength and endurance. What happens when the unstoppable force that is Danny Rand’s immortal iron Fist clashes with the immovable object that is Luke Cage’s impregnable defense. We bring you an analysis of both characters and a death battle to settle that question for once and all. But before we commence the battle here’s a brief summary of the characters descriptions of both Defenders.

Luke Cage

BornCarlas Lucas, a luke cage was the first African-American superhero to title his own series. Not only that, he was also the first character of his particular racial disposition to do so well with the readers. Luke was always a gifted athlete and during his teenage years, he developed an affinity for sports. The future of Luke Cage did not hold any Olympic medals but he still grew up to be a law-abiding individual, although he hailed from Harlem, a hood in New York. The problems started when Carlos Lucas was convicted of a crime he did not commit. The victim of a hasty persecution and incompetent defense counsel, Luke cage was incarcerated on the basis of a wrongful conviction. All seemed lost until Luke was offered a chance to rectify his situation by voluntarily participating in prison experiments that required human subjects.

Desperate for hope, Cage decided to participate in the experiments. The “power man” experiments (as they’d later become to be known as) failed to augment Luke as the scientists desire. However, the failed procedures altered the composition of Luke’s body on a molecular level and gave him nigh impenetrable skin. The experiments also augmented Luke’s strength and durability and granted him with the means of offense to supplement his absolute defense. Released from prison and blessed with superhuman powers, Luke Cage resolved to use these powers for the good of people, the people that he wanted to help were his peers, the youth of Harlem that was being colluded into the clutches of organized crime. The basic stats of Luke Cage considered in this fight are:

Real Name: Carlos Lucas

Hometown: New York, USA

Nigh Impregnable skin

Superhuman Strength

Can lift up to 25 tonnes

Superhuman Stamina

Faster than normal recovery time from injuries

Gifted Athlete

Exceptional brawler

Danny Rand

The immortal iron fist is, in reality, a child with a trust fund and too much free time on his hands. Or rather this is what the Netflix series will lead you to believe. In reality, Danny Rand was another attempt by Marvel to use and apply the batman formulae in their comics to come up with a relevant character to rival the dark knight. A broken man with a broken past and too much money hoping to correct the status quo of the world he lives in. this is the reality of Danny Rand. The heir to the Rand Corporation and world’s greatest martial artist (at least in the Marvel comic universe). He lost his parents at the age of nine when his father decided to take a hiking trip to the Himalayas in search of the doorway to K’un-Lun (K’un-Lun is a separate dimension of martial artists which is where the Rand family hails from).

The journey to look for the Nexus to K’un-Lun claimed the lives of Danny’s parents and ended with Daniel being saved by vestiges of K’un-Lun. He was trained by ancient heroes in this dimension and he slowly forged the way to become the immortal Iron fist over the next ten years.

Real name: Daniel Rand

Heir to the Rand Corp

Hometown: K’unlun

Exceptional Martial arts to

Can use chi re-enforcement

Defeated the immortal serpent Shuo-lao and used his molten heart to forge the power of the iron fist

Exceptional perception

Superhuman speed

Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist: Death Battle

Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist

Both of these heroes fight on the street level and the most common enemies they face are everyday thugs (just like the Dark Knight). Luke Cage and Danny Rand take on the organized crime that plagues our societies and try to fight for the status quo. Both of these characters are virtuous and stand for what’s right, they seldom get into unnecessary confrontations and neither character is prone to fits of rage, unlike anti-heroes like Wolverine. It will be assumed that these fighters use standard gear for their battle and the condition for a win will be a knockout. The premise of the battle will be a conflict of interest that has escalated to a fist fight between the duo.

Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist
Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist

The fight starts as Luke Cage flips the table in a rage and looks at Rand with contempt. The Immortal Iron fist betrays no emotion, his lips are tightly pursed and his expression Grimm and unreadable. This is not a problem that mere words can solve. Both combatants look at each other for a moment and then gauge the small dimly room they’re in. Then they leap at each other. The power man walks through every punch and kicks Danny throws and Danny avoids any attack that Luke can muster. Not giving him the chance to channel his ki, Luke charges forward in rage and Danny jumps over the raging power man, saved with the breath of hair as Cage levels the adjacent wall.

What must Danny do to put this monster down? Calm down, Danny thinks to himself. He is no monster, he is just a man. Getting up, the Immortal Iron fist focuses his ki and throws the hardest punch he has ever thrown on a defending Luke Cage. The result? An unrivaled shockwave that knocks Danny into the wall behind him and sends Luke flying out of the building.

Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist
Luke Cage Vs Iron Fist

Lying face down in the rubble of a building and a broken street Luke wonders how it came to this. Why can’t this man listen to reason? Why does Luke have to subdue a friend? He tries to get up and ends up spitting blood. It seems like the last punch that Danny threw punctured some of Luke’s organs. He must end this quickly if he has to have any chance of winning. The power man rises with blood in his mouth and determination in his eyes just as Rand lands on the street, it seems like the punch had some recoil. Luke spits a pool of blood in front of the iron fist and then Taunts him to come at the power man. Danny obeys, like a fool plunging towards his own destruction. The Immortal Iron fist channels the entirety of his ki into his fist, the aim to put Cage down for good. However, Cage has a plan.

Iron fist attacks cage and tries to lull him out with feints, Cage falls for the trick and is led right into Danny’s main attack, THE IRON FIST. Just as the punch is about to connect Danny’s arm stops. To his horror, Luke was the one leading the fight because he was waiting for the Ki attack from the very start and now holds Danny’s arm in place. Danny is stuck, Cage’s grip is like steel. There is no escape. Luke ends it with a punch to the jaw, knocking out an Iron Fist in one hit. Making sure not to cause permanent damage to his friend while the power man incapacitates the Iron Fist. Luke Cage wins.

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